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Topic: Uneven roasting over charcoal (9 msgs / 146 lines)
1) From: Mike Geis
I am struggling with roasting over coals in my 19th century roaster.  The
problem is that I am getting beans of quite different degrees of roast.  I
think I should either reduce the number of coals, which would put the roast
chamber further above the coals and reduce the amount of heat or turn the
handle more quickly or both.  I need your advice.
Mike Geis
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2) From: jim gundlach
on 5/30/01 5:01 PM, Mike Geis at mgeis wrote:
   The first thing is to make sure that the beans are not just sliding along
the bottom, keeping the same ones in contact with the heat, rather than
tumbling and mixing.  If the inside of the drum is smooth, this is likely to
be the problem.  I'm not sure how I would go about solving the problem.  If
it seems to be the problem, let me know and I'll try to make some
   Jim Gundlach
     Roasting over pecan wood fire
       In Shorter, AL
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3) From: Gary Zimmerman
jim gundlach wrote:
What about using some high temp epoxy (is there such a thing?) to glue a 
chopstick (or something similar) on the inside to act as a vane/agitator?
-- garyZ
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4) From: Jacobs family
First of all uneveness can be a feature of your roast rather than a
problem.  I roast on a gas grill and end up with some roast diversity.
To limit the diversity I have found the following two tricks to be helpful
1.  I remove the drum from the spit and give it a shake - I do this before
the first crack when I notice some beans turning color while others are
remaining green.  On occasion I have had to repeat this later in the roast.
2.  The more the merrier.  A more full roast drum allows the beans to heat
each other.  I have found that when I roast a pound of beans I will get a
more even roast than when I roast a half pound or less.
Good luck.
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5) From: jim gundlach
on 5/30/01 7:15 PM, Gary Zimmerman at garyzim wrote:
I would lean to cutting a piece of heavy wire a touch longer than the inside
of the chamber and push it in so that it held itself in place.
   Jim Gundlach
     roasting over pecan wood fire
       in Shorter Alabama
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6) From: Mike Geis
Whoops, I left out critical info.  I do have vanes in the device.

7) From: Gary Zimmerman
Oh.  That's very different...
[In my best Gilda Radner impersonation:]
     Never mind! :)
But seriously...
Shake the roast chamber (if you can) during the roast - I use a 
Whirley-Pop, and find my beans roast more evenly if I pick it up and shake 
it a bit once a minute or so, at least until first crack.
Also maybe try diddling with the amount of beans you roast at a time - try 
a batch with less and another batch with more and see if the roasts appear 
any more even.
And it might be the beans you're roasting - I can't remember if you said 
what type they were.  I ALWAYS get very uneven roasts from the Raimy.
-- garyZ
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8) From: jim gundlach
on 5/31/01 7:22 AM, Mike Geis at mgeis wrote:
   Is there any way to control the flow of air to the fire?
 Jim Gundlach
    Roasting over pecan wood fires
      In Shorter Alabama
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9) From: Mike Geis
Not really.  I am going to go to a local guy who welds to see if he can
fabricate the base, which shouldn't be hard, and allow for closable openings
at the bottom.  Good suggestion.  Also, to answer another question, I am
using Sumatra Mandheling beans, which have not given me any trouble of this
sort with the Alp or HW roasters.

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