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1) From: john kahla
Does anyone have any comments on the Saeco Italia? Am thinking of
buying one but can not find anyone who has one to get their comments.
Thanks John

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
IIRC Ron K just recently got that super-auto and is very happy with it. 
Liked the adjustable shot dosage from 6 to 9gr, 18 click grind settings, 
programmable shot length and dosage by-pass. He commented that while it's 
espresso shots aren't on par with his previous Expobar the convenience 
factor wins for his wants. He also noted that as with all super-auto change 
in grind takes 2 to 3 wasted shots to take effect.
Super-autos tend to excel at Cafe Crema strength pulls and Americanos while 
just ok for straight shots. Are you looking at that refurb over at WLL for 
$550? Great deal considering normally $895!
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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3) From: john kahla
Am looking at a refubished @ $475. Am really wondering if I would
regret buying an automatic machine and later wish I had bought a
better manual machine to have more control over the shots. Am all new
to this and never thought I would be involved with home roasting of
beans and thinking that a Mazzer mini would be a requirement in my

4) From: miKe mcKoffee
$475, even better! However, if your primary purpose is exploring and 
appreciating espresso at it's best then a super-auto is most likely not for 
you. If you entertain a lot, like convenience, like Americano or Cafe Crema' 
most often then super-auto great choice. Of course, it'd be nice to have a 
HUGE coffee bar and unlimited budget and both styles! There are definitely 
times I wish I had a super-auto, but not instead of but in addition to Rocky 
& Miss Silvia.

5) From: Wandering Curmudgeon
John, there is no perfect machine  but 
you need to determine your need.  I went with an automatic because I 
was missing out on all the conversations in the living room.  Then I 
got the feeling that I wasn't involved in the making of the shot.  I 
have had a couple of lever machines and an automatic - loved each for 
its use.  The lever machines pull a better shot and if I'm just making 
one or two it wins.  But if I have a house full of folks then the 
automatic wins.   I'll probably never be without both.  Being able to 
only chose one... hard choice but the lever is going to win.
On Friday 01 April 2005 10:11 pm, john kahla wrote:

John Kahla wrote:
I've had the Starbucks-branded version of this unit (the digital one)
for about six weeks. It's great. I went into it expecting some
compromises based on comments that I'd seen here and in other coffee
forums, but it turns out to make a very credible espresso. People will
quibble about whether the espresso is "really" as good as from a manual
machine, but the quibbling is at least an indication that the shots are
in the right ballpark. 
Consistency is a strong point -- for a given bean and group of settings,
the machine will knock out pretty much the same shot at any time of day.
I have about a year of experience with a small commercial machine, but
my only current comparison is to espresso served by local cafes. I think
the espresso from the Italia is better, but of course the beans are not
standardized and who knows whether the baristas are competent.
I'm having some anxiety around the fact that I purchased this machine on
eBay -- word on the street is that Starbucks will not honor the
warranty, and the machine is slightly different from the Saeco models,
so I'm not 100% certain that aftermarket parts are readily available.
The piston assembly has developed a squeak when flushed with water only
(no coffee), and something has happened to the steam hose connection
that makes the nozzle not want to point directly into the corresponding
hole in the drain grate. I doubt that the machine will make it through
the year without needing a formal repair, but we'll see.

7) From: Scott
I have have the non digital one for over a year and love it ( I got it
when they were starting to push the digital models and having a nice
sale on the older models).   I bought it because in the morning it was
very easy to hit a few buttons and have consistant espresso fast.  
When I got it I was not into roasting and could not imagine another
manual machine for the morning.  I would buy another and reccomend it,
but of course in saying that I am now eyeing a lever machine, but must
wait as I just got the roaster and am LOVING IT.  One of my coworkers
has had his for several years bought off of ebay with no issues., that
would not worry me.
On Apr 2, 2005 1:31 AM, SNYDER, GARTH  wrote:

8) From: wanda shavis
I have been using the Italia for 3 1/2 years a love it. I don't make many caps but the ones I have made it is great.  You just have to get the doses adjusted. You can also adjust the dose and water to get a regular cup of coffee. I think you wife will really enjoy it. 
wanda shavis
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