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1) From: miKe mcKoffee

2) From: Frank Haist
Okay, this is scary. I've just hit that point (is it a sign of mental 
instability or profound insight?). After missing out on getting more 
Horse and Cerrado in December (2# initial orders), and more recently 
missing the end of the Yirgacheffe before I put in my third 5# order for 
that, I've made the jump to the 5# trial size. Did that when I first saw 
the new Cerrados (glad I did for the #143) and just did that for the new 
Lintong (ordered that before the review was posted). Indeed, that just 
arrived this afternoon (along with the Moki, Sulawesi, and another 5# of 
the OFT Harar thinking that it may be a while before the decent Horse 
shows up). First impressions on the Lintong. Just as Tom described, the 
smell of the greens and smoke coming off the roast is fantastic. 
Couldn't wait. Gave it a two-hour rest and took the first quick try (as 
an americano). Already good with decent body and a solid lighter fruit 
tone as Tom describes (I couldn't taste candy apple, but given his 
description I can somewhat smell it on the roasted beans). As it cooled 
a sweetness came on that was just heaven. Can't wait to see how that 
develops after a proper rest! Also roasted some of the Moki Kona, but 
given the scarcity of that one, I'll give a proper rest before trying.
miKe mcKoffee wrote:

3) From: Les
My new method that seems to be working is to order a 2 pounder of the
interesting coffees.  If I really like it, I order a 5 pounder right
away.  This gives me 6 pounds of what I really like.  I did that with
the Hildago and now I have a nice supply in the stash.  I moaned a bit
about being out of Panama and some kind good Samaritan from the list
just sent me 3 roasts worth!  Thank you!  I am resisting some of the
coffees I would normally go for just because I want to get the stash
down.  Where I got into big trouble last year was doing an  order of
all the Pacmara types and I ordered 5 pounders!  I ordered a lot of
the Rwanda 7 Lakes too!  Another fun thing I have been doing is
looking at what I really (very personal) like.  Once I have my
personal taste profile figured out, this will influence my buys more. 
I really like the Dry Processed coffees.  So, I look real close at the
Dry Processed.  I really like the India coffee offerings.  I like the
Panama, Oaxaca Mexican and the Typica offerings from Central America. 
The Pacmara is a good breakfast brew.  This is a fun hobby.
On Apr 1, 2005 8:56 PM, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

4) From: Wandering Curmudgeon
On Friday 01 April 2005 11:43 pm, Les wrote:
All of the good Centrals have disappeared.  I now have this incredibly 
long list of no-longer-available coffee.  Mama Cata, Miel, HUEHUE, ISH 
etc.  I know the coffee is still growing, I just guess it doesn't 
measure up this crop .   I've been ordering 5# of 
interesting and 20# of stuff I really like.    I have six 20's that are 
down to about 5# each and NONE of them are available.  I'm giving 
serious thought to 40#  orders of my absolute favorites!!
BUT  the KPM is in and I guess I'll do a 5# limited order.  I wonder... 
if I do a 5# today can I do another 5# tomorrow??
John - loving life in the slow lane .

5) From: Oaxaca Charlie
 Damn! I was really hoping he'd over-stocked that, and I could
talk him into selling me a sack at discount before he starts
loading up on new centrals. (It's happened before with a dreamy
Bolivian one year). Now I have to wait a couple more months(at
least) for good Pluma, and I'm down to 50 lbs... God knows why
it takes so long to get to Oakland, they picked and dried it in 
Dec/January, and Oaxaca's just down the coast from Ca. You can
ride a donkey that far quicker :o(
Brick Oven Roasting in British Columbia 
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6) From: Wandering Curmudgeon
On Saturday 02 April 2005 12:23 am, Oaxaca Charlie wrote:
Charlie,  its all those swimmers in the water that slows down the boat!  
We've got the 310J fueled and would love to make a charter run to BC.
John - loving life in the slow lane

7) From: miKe mcKoffee

8) From: Wandering Curmudgeon
On Saturday 02 April 2005 2:16 am, miKe mcKoffee wrote:
order is in!

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