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Topic: 1st coffee bean sprout (5 msgs / 98 lines)
1) From: Clifton Burkett
I got my first coffee bean sprout! It is just now breaking the surface of
the peat pellets. I transplanted it to a larger terra-cotta pot container.
Roots were starting to break out the sides of the pellets so it's a good
three inch ball of roots with a half inch sprout. It is in the low eighties
here this week so I may let it see a few hours of shade on the screened
porch this week. Little bitty sprout in that big terra-cotta pot looks
Grow little sprout! 
Clif - SomeWhere in Florida with 
Odie the Corgi and  Garfield the Tabby

2) From: Aaron
My plants love the sun themselves.  just don't let them dry out or they 
will wilt and die.  Don't know what part of florida you are at, im in 
jax, and now there is no need to worry anymore but if there EVER is even 
a hint that there might be frost, bring them in,  even one minor frost 
will kill them quickly.
Clifton Burkett wrote:

3) From: Dan Bollinger
Woo Hoo!   :)
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4) From: Bob
Way cool!
My first one popped out about 3 weeks ago and still looks like a bean on a
stalk. The second one just appeared this morning, but it is a leaf! Seems it
shed it's pod underground and has been creating a leaf for the past month or
so. VERY odd.
Bob ~ Parker, CO

5) From: Jared Andersson
Congrats Clif.  I am sure you will be a great father.  Jared
On Apr 9, 2005 10:01 AM, Clifton Burkett  wrote:

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