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Topic: US source for Sievert 3941 or equivalent (8 msgs / 135 lines)
1) From: Matthew Price
Howdy All;
I have been looking around for parts to pursue some ideas I have had
stored up over the winter.  Searching usenet for small propane burners
lead me to the Sievert Pro line of tools.  Their 3941 and 2941 -http://www.sievert.se/en/pro86_88.htm- parts look like an excellent
match for what I want to build but  I can't find them in the US. 
Everywhere else I look I either get regular hand torches or 'tips'
which don't include the orifice and burn tube.
A friend, who is a general contractor, told me I might find what I
need at a plumbing supply house but so far no luck.  What I want is a
stand alone propane/air burner that can put out about 15K BTU, wind
proof is also a must.  I want to be able to thread it onto standard
NPT threads and couplings. If I just had the sievert parts imported I
don't think I could find fittings to match.
Does anyone know of something else I might look at as a possible replacement?

2) From: Matthew Price
On Apr 11, 2005 4:00 PM, Brett Mason  wrot
The turkey fryers will definitely not work.  They put out WAY to much
heat.  I need between 10K and 15K BTU; the turkey fryer burners start
at 100K and go up from there.
The other option is to build one, but I'm no machinist.  I would
rather buy than build.  A jet burner is pretty simple, conceptually at

3) From: Maryann & Dave Schellenberg
How about the Turkey Deep Fryers? I don't know their BTU rating, but 
here is a page:http://www.comfortchannel.com/level.itml/icOid/4698Dave S.
Matthew Price wrote:

4) From: Justin Marquez
Here is a home-made burner setup:http://www.backyardmetalcasting.com/oliverburner1.htmlOn Apr 11, 2005 3:33 PM, Matthew Price  wrote:

5) From: Justin Marquez
Or maybe something here can help:http://www.bbq.com/shop.asp?path=,60On Apr 11, 2005 3:33 PM, Matthew Price  wrote:

6) From: Frank Haist
Sorry, didn't see the original post. Saw one listing for a US source for 
Sievert torches. That is:http://www.sssmodels.com/Hope this helps.
Justin Marquez wrote:

7) From: Dan Bollinger
Goto: http://www.mcmaster.com/  and search for:
The are over $100.   A cheap alternative is to scavenge burners from an old
gas range or oven.  Most can be switched over to LP or you can buy an LP
orifice for them.

8) From: petzul
Try these torches. I have used them and they work fine.http://www.thermadyne.com/tt/literature/index.asp?div=ttHope this helps,
Matthew Price wrote:

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