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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
Long time List member Terry (Javafool) just found out today he has cancer. 
Doctor said it's in the early stages and surgery scheduled first Monday in 
May, prognosis promising.
Thought some who have known Terry on the List for a while would like to 

2) From: AlChemist John
Thanks Mike, and good luck Terry!
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John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
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3) From: Sue
 I wish you the best! I'm sorry that you have to go through this. My 
thoughts and prayers will be with you.
 On 4/13/05, AlChemist John  wrote: 

4) From: Jim Wheeler
In case Terry doesn't see this, I went through cancer surgery, chemo,
and radiation about six years ago.  My oncologist pronounced me
"cured" last fall.
Not only is survival an option, but it is a good one.  I can supply
quite a few sources of help and information.  Also, if Terry just
wants to talk to another person who has been there and back, I am
Jim in Skull Valley

5) From: Terry Stockdale
I'm sorry to hear you're going through this, Terry.   I hope the surgery is 
successful and recovery swift.
Terry Stockdale
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6) From: Wandering Curmudgeon
   I will keep you and your doctors in my prayers that you come through 
this quickly and completely.  I am glad they found your cancer early and 
that the prognosis is good.  If you need roasted beans shipped in until 
your back on your feet just let us know.
John & the Incredible Blond

7) From: Jared Andersson
Thanks for the info Mike.  Sorry to hear the news Terry you will be in
my thoughts.  Jared
On 4/12/05, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
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8) From: MMore
You go Terry.  Strength and hope.  You're in our prayers.
Michael A. Roaster of Vienna,  Va.

9) From: DJ Garcia
Wow! I'm sorry to hear that, Terry. My prayers and best wishes will be
with you. God willing you will pull through fine.

10) From: javafool
Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers. I am optimistic that 
all will be okay. 58 years just doesn't seem long enough to do all the 
things I have planned to do and accomplish.
Guys, have those annual blood tests becaues they can make the difference and 
right now it seems they have put the odds are in my favor. I will have more 
to tell sometime in mid-May.
Thank you again,

11) From: Lowe, David
Sorry to hear this, but glad the outlook is promising. My prayers are
with you.
Dave Lowe

12) From: Jim Kennedy
Good luck for speedy recovery. A positive attitude is your best medicine.
cheers Jim (Charlotte, NC)
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Jim Kennedy

13) From: Jared Andersson
Terry, I am due for a physical and have been procrastinating it.  You
just inspired me to do it now.  Jared
On 4/13/05, javafool  wrote:
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14) From: Barbara Greenspon
Terry:  We send you our very best wishes and many prayers.  Know that we
are all thinking about you.
miKe mcKoffee wrote:

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