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Topic: more on outdoor HWP roasting (5 msgs / 50 lines)
1) From: Prabhakar Ragde
Tried a second roast outside. It was cooler, overcast, with a higher
relative humidity -- I could see my breath. Set the machine on 5.5, my
usual setting, with 3 oz Espresso Monkey, held my watch in my hand,
and listened intently. First crack at around 5:30, machine shut off at
8:00 without going into second crack. I restarted and gave it three
more minutes before I heard second crack. Gave it a few more seconds
and then stopped it. 
Quite different behaviour from the last roast I did outside, which
went too fast. Now I'm really confused. --PR

2) From: Hugh Solaas
Ambient temps make a big difference, PR.  I live in the same part of the
world as you, and the difference in roast times a ten degree change in temp
can produce can be rather dramatic.

3) From: espressomio
Ya! Watch things go out of control the other way when you hit that 90 degree
heat outdoors.
Hugh Solaas wrote:
Richard (Dick) Heggs
Beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.
Homeroasting P(Mark I),espresso, drip--since 1997-established 1938http://members.home.net/espressomio/

4) From: Prabhakar Ragde
Okay, but I don't understand how it can burn one roast and undercook
the next. --PR (manfully resisting puns on "Solaas" and "solace")

5) From: Hugh Solaas
Ever hear of wind chill factor, PR?  
P.S. the Italian side of the family is Solis.  Don't resist!

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