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Topic: The Spam is Back (5 msgs / 91 lines)
1) From: Bob Yellin
Here's one I just got. Did anyone else get this same message? If others =
got it,
it's definitely due to the list and Tom could report this to the abuse =
To: "Isbel Ellis" 
Subject: do you care?
From: "Maxwell Lyle" 
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 01:17:34 -0500
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Phone: 300-866-2410
Mobile: 367-396-2253
Email: ladonna.warren

2) From: Jason Brooks
Good luck!  If this is actually from wanadoo.fr, that is.  This is likely
the largest ISP in France, and is notorious for all sorts of nasties.  And
to beat it all, it's actually owned by the French Gov't (via French
Governmental ownership of France Telecom).

3) From: Sue
I never got that one, although I did get a big handful a few days back. The=
all went into the spam folder, as did this one from Bob. Is it because it=
had the word spam in the subject line?
On 4/22/05, Jason Brooks  wrote: 

4) From: Matthew Price
On 4/22/05, Sue  wrote:
I have noticed that the gmail spam filter is rather agressive against
list traffic.  I usually have to pick 1-2 (legitimate) messages out of
the Spam bin every day.  I mark them as 'Not Spam' but I am not sure
if Google uses that feedback to tune its filters.  The gmail filters
have never had a false positive on any of my other mail, just some of
the list traffic.

5) From: Jason Brooks
Most likely, Sue, it's because Bob included the text of the initial SPAM
in his message.  If it's due to the word SPAM in the Subject line, that's
a little to simple, AFAIK.  But Spam filtering is not an easy proposition.
 I love it at home with Mozilla Thunderbird and at work with SpamBayes
plugin in Outlook.  But my work mail server sucks at learning Spam.  Home
ISP, decent.

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