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Topic: More thoughts on electric roasting - now insulation (5 msgs / 109 lines)
1) From: petzul
Hi Rich,
Just went to ebay and was impressed with what I found under 'refractory'.
That stuff is within budget :)
In an earlier life I was a technician building hi temp electric 
furnaces. We used everything for insulation up to and including 
Zirconium Oxide sheets.
If I remember right, certain insulations were optimal for certain 
temperature ranges, but I forget which ones went where.
Can you tell me if ceramic fiber is significantly better for our 
purposes than plain old fiberglass like we have in the attic, or around 
Thanks for your help,
Going to try to electrify my Zass today, here in LHC.
Rich Adams wrote:

2) From: Rich Adams
I think it is safer, which to me makes it better.
Rich Adams

3) From: petzul
What do you mean by 'safer' ? Is not ceramic dust bad for you also?
I like the idea of being able to cast it around the bowl of my PGR. That 
to me would make better insulation if it has at least equivalent thermal 
Would probably need to strengthen it with some of the fiber sheet. 
Weight does not really matter. It would not be adding that much, and the 
only reason I move it is to dump the beans when they are cool enough.
Fiberglas makes me itchy if I get it on my skin, but now it is contained 
in the PGR.
The outside of my roaster gets a bit warm to the touch at the end of the 
roast, probably not much can be done about that, but bread machines get 
warm also ;)
I guess I am willing to change insulation if I knew it would hold heat 
That looks like the only improvement I can think of for my beast.
The mixing unit would run a small Sherman tank, and the ss bowl will 
never wear out.
I have a spare bread machine anyway, and I am letting Walmart store the 
SS bowls for me, just in case.
It will roast way more coffee ( 2#) in one batch than  we consume in a 
week, and can also do as little as enough for a cup, so the size is 
about right.
If the convection oven goes, replacements are easily acquired.. ( I 
still have a few myself even.)
Not much left to work on here :'( , except maybe to PID it,
and PERHAPS a chaff collector... geeesh. (C still hates chaff blowing 
through the house.. go figure!)
Oh yes, and improve the insulation!
Perfectly willing to reinsulate the PGR, here in LHC.
Rich Adams wrote:

4) From: Jim Karavias
Hi,  I think thats true of some of the ceramic fibers, but many are 
considered lung-insoluble and are coupled with warnings about 
silicosis.  Makers of fiber kilns are pretty careful about using masks 
and filters when they build them.  Even users of the kilns are 
encouraged to coat the kilns with refractory coatings to keeps the 
free-floating fibers to a minimum.  I'm not sure there's been a proven 
link to silicosis but nobody wants to take the risk.  I purchase lung 
soluble ceramic batting just in case.
Rich Adams wrote:

5) From: Rich Adams
Yes, the kind I am looking at advertises "is 100% soluble in body fluids."

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