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1) From: ginny
I am moving to Scottsdale in three weeks. I will join the hunt...

2) From: ginny
Ha John:
They know I am coming and I have appointments with 7 Farmers Markets, one big one right down from my new 
Casita in North Scottsdale. 
My sister and brother-in-law live there and I love Scottsdale. Time for a change. 
No Oregon is not finished with me. I go June 13th now for yet another pre pre and pre-trial gab fest!!! Conformation of my summer community servicre etc. I never know 'till I see the blacks of their eyes!!
I am not really sure they know what they will do; this the the game our justice system plays. Bottom line is Crook County has no money to house 3 old women, si they would have to pay another county. Trust I would be a sick old woman who would have to be transported of phantom pains every day!!! That amounts to mucho bucks. Also I have uncovered something that may punch a big hole in their warrant to search.
Life is so much fun, everyday is new and better!

3) From: ginny
goddess shots each and every one!!!

4) From: petzul
Since I never got a reply about espresso in Las Vegas, I just wanted you 
to know I am serious about finding a good espresso shot somewhere.
Las Vegas is about the handiest, but Phoenix is doable also.
Needles, CA is close, also Parker AZ.  Any ideas?
Wondering what good espresso tastes like, here in LHC.

5) From: Brett Mason
OK Peter, here's a shot in the dark - but maybe a good one...
Photo by Iris Dumuk
Ferrara is a fifth-generation Italian café straight from New York's
Little Italy, and the best Vegas replica of a true espresso bar. The
good coffee drinks are from Lavassa, and pastries, all made on
premises by chef Patrick Glennon and his crew, are straight off the
set of The Sopranos; among them svojadel, flaky buns stuffed with
fresh ricotta; pignoli, pine nut-studded cookies; and biscotti,
double-baked Italian cookie bars ideal for dipping.
For those who want something more substantial than pastry and coffee
in the morning, Glennon is adroit with cooked breakfasts, as well.
Rustic steel-cut oatmeal and pannettone French toast are both served
with organic maple syrup, and green eggs and ham has pesto scrambled
into the pan, delicious with ciabatta or slipper-shaped, Italian
bread. Tables on the patio afford great people-watching. Inside the
Forum Shops at Caesars, 647-3604.
Hope it helps,
On 5/4/05, petzul  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

6) From: Wandering Curmudgeon
On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 06:02 -0700, ginny wrote:
Does that mean that Oregon has no further interest in your well-being?
And does Scottsdale know you're coming or should we warn them?
John - loving life in the slow lane 

7) From: Wandering Curmudgeon
OK - I'm jealous about the Farmers Markets.  However,  my favorite
organic farm opened Monday and we just came back with a ton of fresh
squash, peppers and of course tomatoes!  I can't believe the size of
these Beefsteak Tomatoes - and for 50 cents a pound.  Ummm and picked up
25# of 1016 sweet onions.     Today is Cinco de Mayo and some idiot is
already shooting holes in the sky.  I may sleep under the house tonight
to evade the falling rounds.  Or I may just go down to the park and join
in the revelry.    To honor the day I'm drinking all Mexican and I
brewed breakfast in my French Press just to stay with the story.
John - hoping I don't get a prison ministry 
On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 07:26 -0700, ginny wrote:

8) From: Chris Tacy
Closest good espresso to Las Vegas is probably as follows...
drive north towards Reno on 95
west on 266
west on 168
north on 395
right on East Line St
immediate right into parking lot next to "Las Palmas"
park and look for a small red sign on the building to your right that
says "coffee"
Bishop, CA
should take you about 4 hours
On 5/4/05, petzul  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Chris Tacy

9) From: Angelo
Well, if it's like the one in NYC, I would stay away from it. It used to be=
good, but then as Little Italy became a tourist destination ,it went 
quickly downhill.
One sign that it has tanked is that it pre-fills the cannoli, which makes 
them soggy. This is a big no-no... :-)
Using Lavazza coffee means that the coffee is not fresh roasted. At least,=
I don't know of a Lavazza roasting facility in the USA.
It might be worth a look-see, though.
I enjoyed the "phonetic" spelling  of sfogliatelle (svojadel) - Swedish, 
maybe? lol

10) From: petzul
Thanks for your input :)
I will check it out. Someone who lives in Las Vegas told me that all the 
little coffee shops are being replaced by *$, and I do not want to go to 
Just thought someone lived in the area who had a favorite shop that did 
great espresso.
Sometimes the hotels do a good job on food in their restaurants, but the 
buffets leave a lot to be desired, so I was kind of resistant to trying 
a hotel.
Knows he don't like the espresso here in LHC.
Brett Mason wrote:

11) From: petzul
That means we will be neighbors!!
Don't you make great espresso???
ginny wrote:

12) From: petzul
This is great Chris. Thanks for your reply.
All I have to do is go there one time. If I like what they serve I can 
surely justify the cost of a great espresso machine by adding up the 
fuel savings and staying home. Then applying that to a new Andreja.
Right now I am not that thrilled with espresso, so I really want to try 
a decent shot.
It figures that I have never had one because I like mine the best of any 
in my experience.
There must be some reason folks will pay several several hundred dollars 
to get a decent cup.
Yes, I am still serious. It must be more than the results. I would love 
to own an Andreja partly because it is so beautiful. Could I ever 
justify the cost with just making espresso?  Probably not.
Just like I can never justify the cost of home roasting. It sure is fun 
Dreaming of a wonderful espresso bar, here in LHC.
(and wondering how to justify the 70# I just had delivered from SM)
Chris Tacy wrote:

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