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1) From: john
can someone help me feel a little more at ease about this?
i just finished cleaning my technivorm and silvia with cleancaf by running a 
packet (mixed with 4 cups of water) through each, and then followed that 
with 8 cups of clean water.
i'm not so concerned with the technivorm, but each of these machines keeps 
some water inside even when the reservoir is empty (i.e. boiler).  if i 
remember anything from differential equations, it's that when a contaminant 
is added to a container of water, regardless of how much you drain off or 
how much fresh water you add, there's always some contaminant remaining in 
the container.  that is, unless you dump it all out.
so the real question is: how potent is this stuff?  how many extra gallons 
of fresh water do i have to run though these to qualify for 'going 

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
After running CleanCaf through Miss Silvia I run 3 full reservoir tanks of 
fresh water through. Don't know what is optimal but I haven't noticed any 
remaining CleanCaf "taste" and figure better to flush with more fresh water 
than is needed than not enough!
Kona Kurmudgeon miKe mcKoffee
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3) From: Wandering Curmudgeon
I share your trepidations John.   When I first started using it on my
SM5K I ran five tanks of water through it because I new that the
Cleancaf is mildly toxic.  I've been doing that six to eight times a
year for a several years and nothing has happened to me yet.  I've
been out of college  so long that I didn't remember
that differential equations had anything to do with physics :O)
On 5/23/05, john  wrote:
g a
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4) From: Frank Haist
     I follow the instructions from the vendor I got my Silvia from and 
things have always seemed okay (e.g., no bad taste, visible signs of 
contamination, etc.). For Silvia (from memory here)
1) Cleancaf in 4 c of hot water and put this in the emptied reservoir
2) run about 6-8 oz through group head, and another 4 oz through steam wand
3) let rest about 10 min
4) run rest of cleancaf through group head until reservoir is empty
5) fill reservior with clean water and run completely through group head 
and wand
6) repeat #5 (this is my addition to the instructions to address your 
concern that I share about this stuff lingering).
7) pull one throw-away shot.
8) pull real shot and sample
I typically Cleancaf Silvia once every 4-6 weeks. Yes, that may be 
overkill as I use bottled treated spring water. I also typically give 
Silvia a weekly backflush with Cafiza along with screen, portafilter 
soak. I'm amazed at how much gunk can accumulate in just a week. I also 
generally pull Rocky's top burr and give everything there a good 
brushing. Been on a streak the past few weeks with wonderful sweet 
shots, so something here is working!
john wrote:

5) From: Justin Marquez
On 5/23/05, Wandering Curmudgeon  wrote:
ing a
Three rinses is what we always used back in college chemistry lab
classes. But, that was quite a few years back and differential
equations may have been updtaed since then.  After all, they were
still inventing dirt back then.
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Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)http://www.justinandlinda.com

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