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1) From: Jim Candia
Today I had my first cup of the Mokha Mattari. the
most prominent taste feature that i noticed was a
spiciness that I could feel at the back of my throat.
has anyone else noticed this? If it wasn't for this
feature, I would have really liked this coffee.
I roasted it in a white HWP. I timed it manually and
pressed the cool button about 3:40 after first crack.
I was looking for the chocolate notes that Tom noticed
at the verge of second crack.
I brewed it in a french press. I added the water
stirred and waited for 3:00. The coffee was rested for
about 36 hours. I am new to the french press process,
but I have measured the temp of the water at 200 degrees.
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2) From: Charles Haynes
This is very very similar to how I prepare my Mokha Mattari. I
roast maybe a tiny bit longer, just to the beginning of 2nd 
crack, also with the white HWP, I also brew in a french
I have noticed a distinct "minty" spicyness (I never manage to keep it
more than 48 hrs though. I have to roast more by then. :)
I like it, but this is part of the reason why I don't use more than
1/3 Mattari in a blend. As Tom has mentioned in his blending essays,
I treat the Yemeni beans as a "spice" or "adjunct" in the blend.
On the other hand, I really like the character of the Yemen beans, so
I drink a fair amount just plain. I do tend to brew my french press
with more grounds than normally recommended, I like the heavy syrupy
	-- Charles
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3) From: Jim Candia
Thanks for replying!
I consider the spiciness to be more of a peppery note.
since I am new to French press brewing, I wasn't sure
if I was doing it right. I have read that if you don't
get it just right, you can extract some undesirable
taste qualities. Is pepper one of these undesirable
Today, I brewed the mattari using our drip maker and
paper filter. The pepper spiciness was gone, so it's
possible that I am doing something wrong with the
French press. Or, it could be that the pepper flavor
disappears after 72 hours.
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4) From: floyd burton
Just finishing a large pot of the Mokha Mattari. This years is better than
last-more flavor less bite.  Really want to try this one when the weather
cools off this winter and I can extend the HWP's roast cycle-seems to
deliver more flavor and less bite to Yirg, Egaads and other Africans I like.

5) From: Jim Candia
So, it sounds like the mokha mattari generally has a
bit of a bite to it. I confess that this is the first
time I had it straight. Previously I did a blend with
a java bean.
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6) From: Sharon Allsup
On 15 Jun 2001, at 7:02, Jim Candia wrote:
Maybe a mixture of both.  I use a drip pot at the office, vacuum and 
french press at home on weekends, and find that the spicy edge on 
this coffee is muted in the drip filter.  I've not experimented with 
wetting the paper filter first, at least not with this coffee.  That 
would probably affect what oils are absorbed into the filter.
The edgey flavors are also that ones that disappear first when I 
allow the coffee to age more than a day or two. I roasted some on 
a Friday evening, made some in the vacuum pot Saturday morning -
  and it tasted wildly different from the rest of that roast made the 
following Monday morning in the drip.
Personally I don't deeply like the spicy tones of this coffee. My 
husband loves it.  Since I don't actually hate it, I get lots of wife 
points roasting this one.
Sharon Allsup
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7) From: Scott Bukofsky
I roasted up some of this on Friday in the Gene Cafe.  Things went a bit
haywire at the end since my flashlight died (roasting room is too dark to
get a real sense of bean color) and I had to work by smell, but it wound up
at City+ where I wanted it.  I had the first pot this morning - I have to
say it ranked as one of the best cups ever.  This is even more impressive
since I normally dislike Yemeni coffees.  This one was clean as a whistle;
no funkiness.  A very interesting milk chocolate-covered citrus note to it.
Extremely complex and lasting, and yet a fairly light coffee on the whole.
Having a Yemen coffee roasted so light is a new experience for me, and one I
like very much.  Kudos to Tom for bringing in these specimens.  I have the
Sharasi and Ismaili as well, but haven't tried them.
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