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Topic: not so hard beans? (5 msgs / 106 lines)
1) From: Peter Zulkowski
This is about coffee.
It is.
Yesterday I made some chocolate. From cocoa beans I got from Alchemist John.
Not being one to follow instructions completely, I ground the sugar with 
a flour mill, added a bit of lecithin and cocoa butter  and two cups of 
sugar to my pound of beans and stirred the whole thing with an Oster 
electric mixer for 24 hrs while keeping it heated at @ 130 F with a hair 
Did I mention that I initially wrung the juice out of the beans with a 
Champion food processor? And roasted them too, before that.
The mixer stood up admirably.
The chocolate is to die for.
Now comes the coffee part.
I have these little ice cube trays that make ice cubes shaped like gum 
drops. ( K- Mart). In each of these gumdrops I dropped a roasted 
Monsooned Malabar bean, then filled the tray with chocolate.
Into the fridge it went, and I just now tried it.
What a great flavor!!
but the beans are a bit too hard to chew easily.
Very difficult to eat just one however.
Gosh, I had devoured 6 or seven before I forced myself to quit.
I have had samples of chocolate coated beans at different places, and 
the beans are always chewable.
However, not as good as mine!
So I figured mine would be soft and chewable also.
Well, MY chocolate coated beans are much better than anything you have 
ever tried (I bet), but I would like to use softer beans.
Any ideas about what beans to use?
Or should I just keep experimenting?
Not a bad thing.
Then there is the licking the mixers bit.
Funny how chocolate tastes so good on a mixer blade.
And the bowl! Wow!
Spatula is just not quick enough!
Another thing. Does any one else get dizzy from eating chocolate? Seems 
to affect me that way.
At least dizzier than usual. Kind of like when I have had several cups 
of coffee.
But with chocolate it doesn't take very much.
Perhaps it is because this chocolate is fresh.
And rich.
And flavorful.
Nothing to do with not being able to stop eating it.
Of course not!
Interesting phenomenon.
May have a new addiction now, here in LHC.

2) From: Jared Andersson
On 6/2/05, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

3) From: Sue
Gee Peter, I was already fighting myself from going to Johns web site! Sue
On 6/2/05, Peter Zulkowski  wrote: 

4) From: Jeff Oien
Peter Zulkowski wrote:
Dark roasted beans are most often used, as far as I know,
and are crunchier and much easier to chew than lighter
roasted beans. You will notice this when grinding in a
Zass also. I used decaf Mexican Esmeralda roasted to Vienna
or so for chocolate covered beans and they were a great match.
I've never had Monsooned Malabar so I wouldn't know how
they would crunch. You usually roast pretty dark,

5) From: Peter Zulkowski
Hi Jeff,
You are correct, I usually do roast dark, but these were the beans from 
when I tried stopping before 2nd crack. Now that I remember the samples 
I had did say they were 'espresso beans'. I bet that will make a lot of 
Thanks for the reply,
Jeff Oien wrote:

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