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Topic: Off Topic - now its song time.... (9 msgs / 208 lines)
1) From: ginny
lovbe the song, we need music, Dennis, Justin where are you?

2) From: ginny
did you move to florridiaa?

3) From: ginny
 I was going to mention that but I figured he has watched way too many Nash Bridges...

4) From: Dennis Parham
hehe... well..Im in the process of adapting to Miami life!!! Im now  
living on the beach!!! WOW! BLUE WATERS EVERYWHERE!! oh.. and  
beans ;-)  Foundthe KEWLEST THING!! here of course there are many  
tropical dishes.. well for the first time I have seen a sugar cane  
juicer in a restaurant!( stick the sugar cane in one sire and it  
crushes it leaving sweet nectar for my cofffee on the other side!! )  
and of course a REAL orange Juicer fresh squeezed to your table!   
mango juice, and MUCH more!! even FRIED PLANTAINS!!  YOWZA!! GEAT  
STUFF!!  Today , got up.. had a french press of bolivian organic,  
shot out a cuban restaurant, had a mango smoothy and cuban sandwich  
and soup, back here for a nap.. now heading to the beach!!))))
Dennis Parham
On Jun 18, 2005, at 11:18 AM, ginny wrote:

5) From: Dennis Parham
yup! Im here in Palm Beach area ;-) I was thinking Miami.. but Im  
actually in Palm beach area...
On Jun 26, 2005, at 5:59 PM, ginny wrote:

6) From: Tom Ulmer
Where are you Dennis? I too am in Palm Beach, in Juno Beach.

7) From: Ed Needham
Tom makes great coffee...and he delivers.  Oh, and forget about actually 
hooking up with him.  He does all his work incognito. 
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"
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8) From: Gene Smith
Isn't that dangerous, Dennis?
Gene Smith
threading the wild learning curve, in Houston

9) From: Dennis Parham
SSHOT OUT TO!!!  TO a CUBAN restaurant!!heheh :P
On Jun 26, 2005, at 8:29 PM, Gene Smith wrote:

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