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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
I'll email you my signature recipe for twice smoked open faced salmon 
sandwiches if you want it. (also a great albacore version) They are deadly. 
I actually did post it on list once upon a time but figure I'll strive to 
keep list posts more on topic for awhile;-)

2) From: javafool
Yes, I would like the recipe please. Carol and I don't do salmon at this 
time, but we have found our tasts changing for the healthier and it would be 
nice to start with something special.
I am back to work now and feeling stronger all the time. Still have terrible 
bladder control and really feel beat up if I overdo, but that is all part of 
the normal recovery. My last Dr appointment was very encuraging with an 
undetectable PSA level at this time.
Sure wish we could have been there this wekend. I have read a lot of great 
reports as usual and I know I missed a great time. Maybe, just maybe one 
year I will be able to attend and meet you in person. Otherwise someday 
maybe we can meet in Hawaii, either would be good.
Take care my friend. Glad to see that maybe enough people spoke up to 
finally put Ginny in her place a bit. She certainly knows how to try to 
blame everyone but herself, doesn't she???

3) From: Gene Smith
Good one, Terry.  That should get things started nicely again!
Gene Smith
threading the wild learning curve, in Houston

4) From: javafool
I am really sorry I didn't check to make sure that this was truly an off 
list post. I had more than I wanted the last time around and I don't want to 
pick any fights and start another 125+ post-a-day OT battle. The water had 
finally calmed and I have to be the dumb a$$ to pull a stunt like this. And 
then to be quoted ......

5) From: javafool
It was a mistake, it really was. Looks like my PSA and IQ took a turn in the 
same direction. It has nothing to do with being a coward, it has everything 
to do with not paying attentionto the address at the top of the message.

6) From: Brett Mason
I don't buy it.  Frankly it is way out of line...
This list has room for everyone - the pompous, the righteous, the
scientists, the experts, those who speak for Tom (and argue with him
over what he means), and also those who are NOT like me - all types...
  And others too of course.
Terry, Gin's place is here with the rest of us...  Well, maybe except
for you - I trust your grass never turns borwn, your flowers always
bloom, your friends are only glad enough to actually say they know
you, and everyone lines up at your door, just for a glimpse.
Lots of people out here come off very proud, arrogant, etc., much like
I do.  I would submit our place is here - all of us.  You can come too
- if you really aren't perfect.  But put down the stone, no need to
throw it here...
On 6/20/05, Jim Karavias  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

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