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1) From: Jim Slaughter
I received a gift yesterday of the Fresh Roast coffee roaster. Does anyone
have an opinion on it? It appears to be solidly built and very quiet, but
then again it roasts about a quarter cup of coffee at a time!  Does anyone
on the list have one?  Tips?
Jim Slaughter
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2) From: Isabel1130
See the reviews at Coffeekid.com.  I wrote one on the the Fresh Roast which I 
own and like.  There are a couple of others.  Most who have it seem to like 
it.  Isabel

3) From: Tom & Maria
Well, that's an inadvertant pun, because one design problem with the
roaster is that it is top-heavy and is prone to tip.
Its simple, it has a small batch size, and it works. It is a glorified corn
popper in that it has no roasting profile --I mean, like a corn popper it
blows hot air consistently from the get-go. But the roast chamer design
necessitates a smaller volume of air flow and so it is quieter. You can see
the roast well, and the designer is the guy who sells them, Tim Skaling.
The design is simple with a mechanical timer,e tc, but effective!
Actually, as the price on these has come down, it has become quite an
attractive deal. That's why I decided a few weeks ago to start carrying
them for the first time. When they were $99 without any coffee, it was too
much for what you get. I think I will have it at $70 with 4 lbs of coffee.
I really wish HW could come down on their price. You would think production
gets cheaper as time goes on. But I got a notice they were going to raise
their price in June ...groan. We dont make much on a HWP as it is now. I
just dont like our hobby being dictated by roaster manufacturers. Thats
why, despite the fact I roast samples in the Hearthware, it was nice to be
using the Poppery again, ans see how cheap ans simple Home Roasting can be!
I mean, if we were bread bakers and there were no bread machines, wouldnt
we just do it the "old fashioned" way- with a mixing bowl, some elbow
grease, and a good oven! (Unfortunately, oven roasting coffee is not an
ideal method)
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4) From: Jim Slaughter
Tom thanks for the reply on the Fresh Roast. I've tried a couple of roasts
in it. It's really a pretty decent roaster. It does have a lever for "light"
or "dark" roast which the instructions claim changes the temp. in the
roasting chamber by about 20 degrees. I found that it roasted to a full city
in about 8 minutes. It also has a short cooling cycle at the end of the
timer (I didn't use that but instead dumped the beans into my trusty
collander when they looked finished.)
Anyway, except for the roast size, this is a pretty great little machine. I
like the chaff trap design a lot, and it doesn't seem to generate a lot of
roasting smoke.  Still, I imagine it won't replace the WB any time soon
because I just don't have time to do five roasts for the same amount of
coffee that I can do with two roasts in the WB.
Regards to all,
Jim Slaughter
Slaughter & Slaughter, LLP

5) From: Acorn54
seems hearthware is having alot of complaints about their bean roasters. 
anyone try the freshroast roaster tom sells for 59  bucks?
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6) From: Michael Allen Smith
I have one.  When my Hearth was getting fixed last summer, I used it a few
times.  Once the fixed HWP arrived, I promptly put the FR back in storage
and never used it again.
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7) From: John - wandering Texas
I have one, and really love it!  I crank out a consistent roast - now that I
have the timing thing down pretty well.  I have had mine about 18 months and
have looked at the others, but really don't think I'm going to change. I can
sit in the kitchen with the exhaust off and roast enough for a pot without
smelling up the place.  I have given serious consideration to buying another
and just might.

8) From: John - wandering Texas
Mike - how much do you roast at a time or in a week?   I like my FR because
I don't have to back it up - but if I did, it would be with another FR.

9) From: Kathleen Tinkel
Sure -- I have one. The FreshRoast works well, gives a lot of useful 
feedback, and is an excellent roaster -- and a great learning tool 
(because you can see as well as smell the roasting process).
Its drawback is its capacity -- one small cup of green beans (a 
couple of ounces) per roast. There are also a few tricks to bypassing 
the rigid timer to control the roast, but that's very easy to learn 
and do.
Because of the FR's small batch size, I got an Alpenröst, but I'd 
recommend that any new roaster begin with the FreshRoast (and then 
keep it as a backup and supplemental roaster for testing new beans, 
roasting for blends, and so on) if they progress to a larger machine.
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10) From: Michael Allen Smith
I roast maybe 2/3 pound a week.  However, my dislike for the FR is unrelated
to size.  To me it roasts way too fast and as a result the coffee taste
flat.  Last summer, Tom told us about how he drilled a hole in the top and
was able to slow the roast down.  I've been meaning to try that.  If I could
slow the FR roast down by 1-2 minutes then I'm sure the roaster would be
I also live in a warm climate which doesn't help with cooling.  Maybe one of
my new neighbors has a drill I can borrow?
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11) From: Steve
This is really the only time you hear about the Fresh Roast, when people
have something good to say. I have never heard of one breaking down. I had
problems of overheating a while back but took the chaff screen out
(recommended by the mfr) and it works fine. One batch is good enough for one
pot of coffee for me so I roast enough for about a week every weekend.
still hot in Seattle

12) From: Bob Howell
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My thanks to all of you that gave me info on my Fresh Roaster.
I do have current fluctuation here in Mexico.  I did wash the unit once =
in awhile.
And, maybe I will try roasting in my WOK.
I remember one time my companera, Vicky, who is Totanaka Indian, watched =
me while I roasted the beans, ground them in my grinder, and then put =
them in my drip coffee maker with the gold filter.  She then roasted  =
some beans on her metal tortilla maker, which is over an open flame on =
the stove, threw them on her metate (a slightly hollow stone which she =
uses to crush chiles), crunched them with her stone and placed them in =
boiling water   After, she asked me to try her coffee next to mine.  I =
think I liked hers best. 
For those who expressed interest in our Bed and Breakfast and travels by =
jeep into the back country,
here is our website: http://www.prolinksystems.net/micasaessucasa.html
Bob Howell
Rincon de Guayabitos

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