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Topic: Thermocouples "MUCH CHEAPER THAN OMEGA" (7 msgs / 176 lines)
1) From: STephen niezgoda
Try National Basic Sensor
The people who run this company are all former
Honeywell engineers who started their own business
when  Honeywell closed a lot of it's Philadelphia area
business.  I have purchased some custom thermocouple
systems for my lab and graduate research and they are
A  LOT cheaper than Omega and the quality is
excellent.  The company is very active in the local
chapter of ASM and other professional societies.  The
web site is not the greatest but give them a call.http://www.nationalbasicsensor.comSteve N
--- Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
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2) From:
I haven't looked at Omega's catalog for decades, but I know you can
find SS sheathed T/C's in any calibration you want, grounded or
insulated, at least down to 0.050" dia- probably even smaller.
The tiny ones would be fragile at high temperatures, but at roasting
temps, they would give good service.
You want to drill out a machine screw to accommodate a T/C? Well, OK
pilgrim. But only a sadistic machinist might do it. You might start
out on a Grade 8 screw and grind off the case hardening, otherwise
you'll just wipe out drill bits and make sparks!
If you really had $$ to blow, you might anneal a Grade 12 socket head
screw, drill it and reharden it in a cutting oil quench. Maybe
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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3) From: Jason Molinari
I drilled a 1/16" hole in a a machine screw to put a
TC in it. I then brazed it in with silver solder.
Worked great. Really wasn't too ahrd to drill out with
the lathe at work...
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4) From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Scott_Kou=E9?=
Not all machine screws are hardened and I kinda doubt you would need a 
hardened screw on a roster unless it was for adjustments.  Walk in to 
any hardware store and the odds are that the bolt you buy will not be 
hardened but even if it is it doesn't take anything but a propane torch 
to unharden it.  You will need a decent drill press or a lathe to drill 
it with out a lot of luck though.
I have both and am local so let me know if you need a hand.
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5) From: Greg Scace
Maybe so, but by brazing it into the hole you may well have changed the 
thermocouple chemistry and now have a thermocouple with an unknown 
sensitivity.  By brazing it into the screw you have also made it so that 
you may not be measuring the temperature where you think you are.  I'm 
amazed at all the gyrations that people seem to perform in order to save a=
couple of dollars.  Thermocouple probes are very cheap.  You're better off=
buying a commercially built one.
-  Greg
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6) From: Jason Molinari
Well, i retested it in boiling and ice water, and it
read 211.7 and 32.1 so i know it is pretty close. Plus
the TRUE reading is not important, what is important
is the repeatability of my reading of my brew temp. So
if i know that at 456.6 degrees my monkey blend is
good..thats what i use. It makes it difficult to
communicate, but i did this for myself.
Additionally, i would have bought a premade
thermowell, if i had found one that fit my needs. M6
screw, about 8mm long, with the well protruding about
8-10mm out of the screw.
Either way, i'm very happy with what i have, whether
or not i screwed up the TC (which i thought i would,
but seemed not to have).
--- Greg Scace  wrote:

7) From: Greg Scace
Good then.  Sounds like you've got a winner.
At 08:04 AM 6/29/2005 -0700, you wrote:

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