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Topic: My double roast head to head (5 msgs / 119 lines)
1) From: Jason Molinari
Yesterday i reported on my double roast Yrgacheffe.
Well i went home and roasted another batch of the same
bean, following the same profile for the double roast,
except instead of dumping and cooking at 435-440 i
kept it going. I let it go the same amount of time
into 2nd crack, and got the colors of the double
roasted and single roast as close to the same color as
This morning i pulled a shot of both, and i'm kind of
happy to report that, TO ME, they are almost
indistinguishable. I'm kind of happy because double
roasting was a pain in the ass for me, and if i had
found that it was that much better it would have meant
a lot of extra work.
So to MY taste, they are the same. I'll stick to
single roasting.
BTW: both single origin yrg. shots are great.
Having said all this, im not the best coffee taster, i
just like good coffee, but have touble identifying
specific flavors, unless they really stand out.
jason - thats my $0.02

2) From: Alchemist John
I have to chime in also and say that in my experience the double roasting 
is kind of neat, it can change the coffee, but I have not found it has ever 
made it better - just different.  I find it just kind of an interesting 
thing to play with, but rather exotic.  I don't get trying to make this 
bright Kenya (or whatever bean in question) fit the "espresso mold".  If 
you need to save a batch, sure, double roast it.  But other than that, just 
pick a coffee that better fits the style you want instead of forcing a 
square bean into a round hole.
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John Nanci
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3) From: Rob Stewart
I also had similar results.   I followed the profile, and as best I
understood the instructions for the cooling and second roast.  I had done a
couple yesterday but thought I would do a control today. I picked Oaxaca
Pluma Tres Oros. The double roast 1st. went to 442f. and the 2nd. ended at
434f. at 6min. having reached 385f. @ 1:42min.
The single roast was the same profile but going to 446f. @ 15min.
Pulled a shot with a bit of a course grind .... 3oz and added about that
much water. and repeated without adjustments for the single roast.   Both
were very nice but the single won the taste test for both my wife and me. A
little livelier without overpowering and the chocolate was there.
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4) From: Rob Stewart
I should add in fairness to Jeffrey.... He did say further into 2nd for
espresso and also, there are a lot of other variables.

5) From: DJ Garcia
Jason Molinari said: "Having said all this, im not the best coffee
taster, i just like good coffee, but have trouble identifying specific
flavors, unless they really stand out."
I know exactly what you mean :-)
Coffee Gourmet - Not Really!

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