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1) From: fs
I thought folks might want to be amused to what lengths an obsessive
compulsive will go for coffee. So I fired up my first charge tonight of 2
lbs of yukbean to season the roaster that got christened today. Pure alpha
roaster with many interesting opportunities....
this one is full SS with 2 10K burners firing up a 10*12 drum calculated
(but not tested yet) to have a capacity of  4 lbs/2kg
here's the pics
plumbed and wired roaster on the deckhttp://www.cmmo.us/coffee/yukbeangreen.JPGfirst cycle of  2 lb roasted yukbean dumped at 10 minutes 415 degrees bean">http://www.cmmo.us/coffee/maidenvoyage.JPGgreen yuk beans from local roasterhttp://www.cmmo.us/coffee/yukbeangreen.JPGfirst cycle of  2 lb roasted yukbean dumped at 10 minutes 415 degrees bean
temperaturehttp://www.cmmo.us/coffeefred">http://www.cmmo.us/coffee/yukbean.JPGother pictures of  preliminary build are located athttp://www.cmmo.us/coffeefred

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Very nice, very cool, very industrious! It appears at end of roast you've 
designed it to pivot the entire roast assembly and simply dump the beans? 
(then transfer to cooling whatever I'd assume). Open ended drum cone 
would/could allow use of a tryer I'd imagine, or I would hope. Looks like 
you went with no air flow design, or I didn't notice any type of fan for 
circulation, correct? (not saying right or wrong, good or bad, simply noting 
what I observed from pics) Personally I'd prefer airflow (variable) for 
cleaner cup profile but that would just be my choice. (Not huge airflow like 
an air roaster but like a Dietrich etc.)
Question on the local roaster "yuk" greens, did they sell them as yuk greens 
or I'm afraid to ask their purpose?
What kind of roast time for the test batch?
Keep us posted as you work with it more!
miKe mcKoffee
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From: "fs" 
Sent: Saturday, July 02, 2005 10:30 PM

3) From: Tom Ulmer
Very nice. Definiteley a babe magnet. Bet the maiden run had to be in the
middle of the woods just to keep them away.

4) From: Jason Molinari
looks awesome. LEt us know how it performs.
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5) From: Alchemist John
That is really nice Fred.  I want to hear more about it.
At 22:30 7/2/2005 -0700, you wrote:
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
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6) From: Michael Dhabolt
 Wow. Does any more need to be said?
 I agree with everyone else, looking forward to continued info.
 Mike (just plain)
 On 7/3/05, Alchemist John  wrote: 

7) From: Johnny Kent
At 10:30 PM 7/2/2005, you wrote:
Fred, that is awesome.
Looks like it might have taken a while to do and that you have some fancy 
metal-working tools in your shop.
What did you use to cut the stainless sheet? I've heard it's difficult to 
work with without a plasma cutter..
And how did you make that great nose-cone? details, details....

8) From: John Abbott
I think you've just separated the amateurs from the pros. What a 
professional looking product. I'm in awe! Since I have trouble identifying=
the tin snips from the scissors I'm probably never going to be able to pull=
of anything like it. Congratulations. Now everyone is mutter privately and=
under their breath suffering from severe roaster envy.
On 7/3/05, fs  wrote:

9) From: Les
 On 7/3/05, John Abbott  wrote: 

10) From: fs
Thanks to all for their comments. I loved reading the variety of responses
from the technical to the "roaster" envy...I'll try to answer most questions
in a somewhat coherent manor.
As I wrote to Alchemist John a while back.
Primary Design goals
To create a safe outdoor usable 2kg NON-UL listed mechanical roaster kit
that could be economically be mfg in small quantity lots 10-25 and offered
to those interested to create their own heat source to run the roasters
(either electrical or propane)
giving roaster direct access to monitoring beans via sight, smell and
hearing (not all available on present BBQ roasters)
allowing instantaneous unload of beans (not available on present BBQ
having efficient heatchamber (JB concept) where cover is less than 1/2"
larger than drum (not available on present BBQ roasters)
maximize control of key roasting variables
1. heatsource
    direct heat to drum 0-20K BTU
2. flame
    controlled air mixer on burn chambers (yet to be pursued in alpha)
3. auxiliary heatingr via variable air volume heated intake axletubes ( back
in the works for beta
Secondary goals
4. chaff collection
5, smokeless operation via 3rd burner
1. What is pictured is only the roaster/drum/motor/housing. What is not
pictured is (and ain't fabricated...)
            a. is the cooling tray and fan
            b. exhaust system with variable output to allow for a better
draw through
            c. chaff collection system and venting cutouts
            d. smoke reduction unit (this might fall under the label of
searching for the Grand Uniform Theory...)
2. Phase 1 was to determine
    a. Whether or not a jabez burns type approach with  10K burners in a
small enclosed cavity would generate enough heat... that has been resolved
adequately. Both burners on and the air temperature is 500 within 5 minutes
of turn on. a 2 lb roast profile was using med heat after 2 minutes and then
moved to low. I don't expect  a 4 lb to significantly stress the BTU's
available since there is little heat loss presently.
    b. the solidwall integral vane quad drum assembly would be cost
effective and functional. There are some significant modifications planned
but it is roasting...
    c concept of the cement mixer cantilevered single bearing mount. Not
without limitations but functional and definitely allowing access.
so.. tomorrow I'm going to profile several 2 lb-3 lb yukbean roasts to dial
in the profile.
As to how I did this... I have working relationships with sheet metal houses
and several have done other design projects that I' ve done so I rely on
their tools and expertise to fabricate the components. I do the 3D modeling
and ship the IGES or STP file for thier conversion and run on the lasers and
If it looks professional it's mainly due to their skillset not mine....
best regards

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