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1) From: ginny
Make some stewed tomatos, easy, simply boil, add some fave things like corn, red/green bell peppers some onion and garlic and you will have great fresh tomatos for winter to use in soups, stews etc.
Make some pico de gio:
chop up tomatos, cilantro, onion, gr onion mix with a tiny bit of lemon and some olive oil and great on salads, with chips or just to eat.

2) From: ginny
jalape├▒os are a must in pico, limes are great too, it is a staple food=

3) From: tom ulmer
Pico is a staple condiment or side dish in my household. I use de-seeded
Romas and jalape˝os in mine and have a great affinity to key limes for =
citrus. It puts up reasonably well.
The Big Boys are great thickly sliced and grilled on an open flame, =
liberally with Balsamic vinegar, and served with fresh basil or mint.

4) From: Andy Thomas
Bruschetta. Chop tomatoes w/ onions, basil, salt and
olive oil. Spoon over Italian or french bread, eat w/
cheese, prosciutto, wine. Nice light summer supper.
If you have lots of romas, cook and freeze for cooking
later in the year.
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5) From: Tara Kollas
I also have some ancho peppers that are coming along nicely - have to
pick some soon and try some salsa.
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6) From: zigzagmolly
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