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Topic: More Attempts to link Forum to Mail List (13 msgs / 209 lines)
1) From: Mailman List
Okay, here is another email to see if it makes it through to the mail list. It is all so cooonnnfffuuusssssiiiiinnngggg....
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2) From: R.N.Kyle
Tom it has arrived

3) From: Charles Cowdrick
I went to the link, Tom, and it looks terrific!
Good work!
On Aug 9, 2005, at 8:02 PM, R.N.Kyle wrote:

4) From: Barry Luterman
I got the password but can't get in

5) From: DEchelbarg
That new look is great, a very easy board to use. Eager to learn more about 
when it is up and running.

6) From: Charles Cowdrick
I couldn't get in yet either. I meant, the site looks good!
On Aug 9, 2005, at 9:00 PM, Barry Luterman wrote:

7) From: Mailman List
Hi! Thanks for doing this Tom! It must have been an incredible amount of work - like you don't have enough going on!
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8) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Well - that password email was an error -groan ... the account it was 
for doesn't exist so no worries.
If you do want to register on the new Forum, you can do that. Just go 
to this page and click the Register button at the top. But I would 
wait a little bit. I haven't perfected the "bridge" from this list to 
the forum. It is still possible that I will have to scrap the whole 
thing and start over, which would mean the forum accounts would 
Hopefully I am going to get a little help and see if we can make it 
work ,,, and boy, if that happens I am not going to touch it. It's 
amazing to me that there really isn't good maillist-form linked 
software, like a yahoo group (but without all the ads!). Hopefully 
we'll have it set up soon. For me, the value of it simply as a good 
searchable Home Roast List archive is a good enough reason to get 
this going. But the incoming mail from this list isn't working yet...
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9) From: Sue
It looks great Tom! I hope you are able to work everything out. I couldn't=
resist registering! It sounds like it has been a great deal of work! Your=
efforts are greatly appreciated. Sue
On 8/9/05, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee =

10) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
Went to the new Forum, registered and put a first post in on drums.   
Tried posting a URL but it did not work as I expected.   I guess I  
should have previewed.
      Jim Gundlach
"The espresso machine is an accessory to the grinder, not the other  
way around."

11) From: Paul Goelz
At 10:20 PM 8/9/2005, you wrote:
FWIW, I am subscribed to about a dozen Yahoo lists and at least with 
it set to NOT translate to HTML, what ads I get are very minimal and 
always at the bottom.  I have no complaints about them or Yahoo whatsoever.
Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, MI
paul at pgoelz dot comhttp://www.pgoelz.com

12) From: Gene Smith
I agree with Paul on this one.  I belong to several and started a couple 
and have also have no complaints.  I maintain a small list for writers that 
has been going for several years now that was started on a different free 
(but with ads) system that was acquired by Yahoo.  All in all, I've had a 
pretty good experience with the Yahoo email list system.
Gene Smith
threading the wild learning curve, in Houston

13) From: Chris McAvoy
Hi Tom,
Have you checked out groups.google.com?  They're a lot like Yahoo
groups, but without the "intrusive" ads.  There's still text ads if
you go to the group via the web interface, but otherwise they're very
clean and easy to use.
If you need help with PHPBB, I run a relatively large PHPBB site, and
might be able to answer some questions.
On 8/9/05, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
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