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1) From: Dean
I used to split a 1/3 lb (green) Rosto Batch 3 ways -- it worked out to 
a 1.5-1.6 oz (43-45 gm) in a "10 cup" (48 fl oz) pot of coffee.
I backed off the batch a little bit and now I split a 120 gm batch 
(green) in half for about 52 g in the same pot.
I'm still well under the SCAA dose, iirc they say 7gm / 4-5 oz of water, 
or 60-80 gm in my pot.
I think it has to do with using coffee that has coffee flavor rather 
than stale (or carbon)--once we start roasting at home and  using Tom's 
excellent greens we forget the bad coffee we used to brew and drink 
weaker, or bury under milk, etc.  From there it's a short step to 
increasing the coffee flavor by using more coffee.  I also notice some 
of the more subtle flavors a little more now.
There's only so much stale or *$ I can drink anymore, and I used to 
/know/ that *$ had really good fresh high-class coffee.  They used to 
(and may still) say so!  (I sometimes let a batch get away from me and 
go too long and I'm reminded of that good ol *$  roast flavor--often not 
in a favorable way--ok for espresso but too much for a cuppa coffee.)
Aaron wrote:

2) From: Les
I know what you mean about being spoiled. I was at a family get together an=
sat next to my brother in law who at least likes good coffee. However, his=
bar is way lower than mine. We were discussing Costco Sumatra beans. I was=
gagging just thinking about his rant on how good it was. He then went on 
about *$$ Sumarta. At the same time he was drinking the restaurant swill. H=
asked me, "Aren't you going to have coffee?" I told him, "I don't drink 
coffee, I only drink homeroast." My wife gave me a very funny look. I had=
such a feeling of satisfaction with that comeback. I had enjoyed a nice big=
travel mug of Pacamara on the way up to the dinner (Tom when are you gettin=
more in, I am running low!). This is one of those coffees that is great fro=
hot to cold. I was feeling no need to ruin my coffee experience with swill.
 On 8/13/05, Dean  wrote: 

3) From: Dean
Les wrote:
*$ Sumatra was one of my regular favorites before I discovered coffee. :-)
Hey Les--been there, done that!  WHOO--HOO!  (picture of Homer Simpson here)
I have a family that tends to make allowances for their eccentric 
brother / brother in law.
Wait, it's only eccentric if you're wealthy......
Whats the word I'm looking for...............
Oh yeah,  crazy! 8-)

4) From: Will
On Sunday, August 14, 2005, at 02:07 PM, Les wrote:
That got me to thinking about cool coffee. I have not had one of Tom's =
coffees that I didn't like as much, or more, at room temperature. I am =
not speaking of dark roasts, since mine are usually city-ish. But it is =
interesting... because restaurant coffee doesn't seem to hold together =
as it cools.
Will =

5) From: Rick Copple
Will wrote:
It was several months ago that I came to the conclusion that the way you 
can know if it is good coffee, is if you still like it once it cools. I 
had always only liked my coffee hot previous to home roasting. Once it 
cooled, I just didn't care for it, so I would tend to dump the last bit 
of a cup in favor of getting some hot coffee.
Now, it is great just to keep drinking and sipping coffee once it is 
cold, and I drink much more of the cup than previously. Even right now, 
I'm drinking some cold coffee that is very favorable. Actually the last 
of some of a fellow home roaster's coffee. Yep, it is a bit old, but 
still very good. Thanks Randy!
Rick Copple
Marble Falls, TX

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