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Topic: more heat in the Solis 5K (5 msgs / 70 lines)
1) From:
Anyone know how/if I can get more heat into/out of my Solis 5K?
I think the shots should be hotter.

2) From: Rick Farris
There is no way.  The Solis 5K is a one-trick pony.  It makes 5-oz =
crema's that are pretty darned good.  If you're trying to get it to make
"shots" then you've discovered that the pull temperature is one of the =
reasons why the Solis 5K does not make espresso.  Another reason is =
the grinder is not appropriate for grinding beans for espresso.
-- Rick

3) From:
I figured that after I sent my post. I would not trade it for the world since it makes such great cremas.

4) From: Michael Guterman
badabingbadabean wrote:
I haven't discovered a way.  I make four ounce cafe cremas with mine and 
love them, but it doesn't really make very good espresso.  Thank 
goodness for the Isomac Amica.  I would use the Valentina for shots, and 
the Solis for the rest.

5) From:
Thant's exactly what I am doing from now on.

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