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1) From: Derek Bradford
Well, it's been a long couple of days.  But, I have a working roaster
now.  Tomorrow morning will be the first roast, and I can't wait.  You
can see some photos on my blog:http://uglyroaster.blogspot.com.A few notes about the roaster:
The drum assembly is motorized.  I'm using a fan motor; the shaft that
rotates the fan from side to side.  It turns at about 20 rpm.
The roaster tips forward, allowing me to dump the beans into my
cooling unit, which is just another fan lying on it's back with a
collander on the top.  I really wanted this feature, and it works very
I can access the beans throughout the roast.  This was also very
important.  I've made a scoop that I can slide inside, and it fills up
immediately with beans.  It's possibly the smoothest working feature,
and the one I was looking forward to most.
There is a heat diffuser between the flame and the drum.  It's just a
piece of steel, and seems like it should do the trick.
I can control the motor using the original fan controls.  Push button
on and off, and a switch to engage the drum rotation.
I ran short of scrap metal, hence the appearance of the back.  I
really wanted it to be all one piece, but it wasn't going to happen. 
Someday maybe I'll replace it.  Or maybe not; there are more important
things to work on.
When roasting, I won't be using the chair as support.  That was just
for modelling purposes.  There are some cinder blocks that will work
perfectly up on the roof (I live in an apartment building.  I'm quite
certain the Koreans around me think I'm nuts).
As for the drum itself, there are 4 vanes, each 2.5cm high at equal
spacing.  Seems to work well with the rotation speed.
The loop/wire support on the front of the roaster is to remove
friction from the drum.  It was binding a little at the front, and
that solved it quite well.  I may move it inside, or I may not.  I
don't think it looks all that bad in front; perhaps some better wire
bending is all it will need.
So there we have it.  It was frustrating at times, but in the end
quite rewarding.  I hope it works as well in practice as it has in
testing.  Thanks to everyone for your help and support throughout the
project.  As always, I welcome comments, criticisms, and suggestions
you have.  I consider this a work in progress.

2) From: Robert Avery
Derek ... You have been thinking !!! :)  Looks very nice. I was wondering 
what kind of fan the motor came out of ... that is an interesting drive with 
the gear reduction on it. I too am anxious to see the results, Good luck, 

3) From: Derek Bradford
Thanks...It's just a normal, nothing special upright room fan.  The
part I'm using is the drive that turns the fan from side to side in
that 120 degree arc they make.  Until I find something better, I think
it will work fine.  And if I blow it, I can get loads more.  There's a
used furniture place nearby, and they've graciously let me rifle
through their junk pile.  Always lots of fans...
What I'd really like to have is a motor that I can put a proper shaft
on (and also onto my drum).  There's a welder not far from here that I
found yesterday while scavenging, and I think I'll look into getting
him to weld a proper shaft onto the drum.  But that's for another
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4) From: Michael Wascher
Don't fret. The Koreans probably thought you were nuts before you started o=
the roaster. My neighbors in NJ think I'm nuts when they see me out back 
with my popper roasting coffee. There's no hope, so you may as well enjoy!
Coffee is becoming popular in Korea. What's the Dutch place that's all over=
Seoul selling espresso drinks? Should you have neighbors over for a cup? 
There, coffee is something you go out for -- drink instant at the office &=
at home if you do have any there at all. Perhaps you'll make some converts?
On 8/28/05, Derek Bradford  wrote:
Well, it's been a long couple of days. But, I have a working roaster
"Not all things that are countable, count, and not all things that count,=
are countable". Albert Einstein

5) From: Robert Avery
Derek ... That is what I thought after I started thinking about it .. .Of 
course I have been eyeballing the fan right behind me now .... One thought 
... I had for the shaft drive if all works well ... which I'm sure it will 
is a shaft mounted on the drum that is a little more sturdy and two spur 
gears that would mesh when the roaster drops back. One spur gear would drop 
on top of the other one and the weight of the roaster would hold them 
ingaged. You would have to stiffen things up a bit in the back but I have 
seen that arrangement on some slow moving machines. The other would be a 
spline with a slip coupling ... those would do it too. I 'll have to look 
around .. see if I can point you in the right direction for something cheap 
and available. Later , Bob

6) From: Derek Bradford
Ahh, converts.  People at the office are pretty curious about it all. 
I have one guy converted, and I think a few more are about to follow. 
Yeah, they think I'm nuts, but I think deep down they really like it. 
I make press pot at the office, and they always frown at their cups of
instant when I do it.
Once I had some freshly roasted beans with me at work, so I let a few
people smell it.  They were stunned.  "It smells like chocolate!" and
things like that...they were quite suprised.  I even had a few
students eating beans with me, and they actually liked it.  They ate
them by the handful.
On 8/29/05, Michael Wascher  wrote:
Check out my roaster blog:http://uglyroaster.blogspot.com

7) From: Robert Avery
Derek, Yes it's always interesting to see what happens after someone gets 
used to drinking real coffee. When they go back to what they were drinking 
.... they cant understand why the old stuff taste so bad. My favorite 
audience is my Beagle, she sits on the porch when I'm roasting and cant wait 
to get some beans to munch on with me ... she loves them. My wife just 
shakes her head ... Love it, Later, Bob

8) From: Derek Bradford
Nice...that's hilarious.  
I've converted a lot of people over the years.  If anyone's gone back
to the slag they were drinking before, they haven't had the heart to
tell me about it.  It's my own little crusade.
On 8/29/05, Robert Avery  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Check out my roaster blog:http://uglyroaster.blogspot.com

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