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Topic: Top 5 Favorite Varietals for Vacuum/Filter Brewing (7 msgs / 171 lines)
1) From: Mike McNamara
Hello - I'm new to home roasting, and am in the process of building a stash=
of my own. I've been reading the list for a week or so, and have really bee=
enjoying the sense of community here! So - I was wondering - what are your =
favorite varietals (available at SM's preferrably) that you couldn't imagin=
running out of? 
Looking forward to hearing your responses!

2) From: R.N.Kyle
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 Mexico Oaxaca Pluma -Tres Oros 
 Brazil Fazenda Ipanema "Dulce" 
 Ethiopia Harar Horse 
 India Monsooned Malabar "Elephant" 
 Sweet Maria's Espresso Monkey Blend

3) From: Michael Dhabolt
I'm afraid 5 is too limiting. I can immediately add a sixth to the five Mr.=
Kyle has presented - Whatever 'Yirg' Tom is currently selling.
 Mike (just plain)
 On 9/7/05, R.N.Kyle  wrote: 

4) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
You really don't get to have a constant set of favorite varietals.  
Given that the available beans change from season to season and year  
the current favorites also change.  Coffee is an agricultural product  
and beans from the same tree processed the same way turn our  
different from year to year.  After being on the list a few years, I  
have come to know which members seem to agree with me in taste  
preferences and about half of what I order are ones they rave about  
on the list.  I'm afraid that when it comes to selecting coffees, I'm  
more of a follower than a leader.
     Jim Gundlach
On Sep 7, 2005, at 5:52 PM, Mike McNamara wrote:

5) From: Barry Luterman
Probably your best bet is to start with an 8 pack sampler from Tom. Taste is 
a personal thing. find the few you like read Toms review of those beans and 
then look for similar reviews. Another tip ignore the cupping numbers and 
ignore price. A more expensive coffee is not necessarily better tasting for 
you. Good luck it's a fun adventure

6) From: Les
Welcome Mike
 Right now my Top Five would be:
1. Uganda Bugisu (If Tom has it, I have it. For me, it is the best all roun=
2. Brazil Yellow Bourbon
3. Kenya EAFCA Winner Githiru Coop
4. Panama Jaramillo "Geisha Blue
5. Papua New Guinea Kimel
 You did say for Vacuum/Filter Brewing.
When Tom gets the new Pacamara bean in, it would go on this list too. I hav=
left a lot of favorites off this list. If you read my stash report from a=
few days ago, you would catch my drift as to how I build my stash. Those 
sampler packs are a really good idea. It is important to look for key words=
from Tom as to how long a good bean might be around. On the new Kenya 
Thiriku Peaberry he says, "A heads up: This is our first peaberry lot of th=
year, and not our last ... but it is an unusually small Kenya lot so I don'=
think it will last long at all." So, if the writeup sounds like your kind o=
coffee you need to order it because it won't be around very long.
 On 9/7/05, Mike McNamara  wrote: 

7) From: Rick Copple
Mike McNamara wrote:
One example of a coffee that was my all time favorite but right now is 
not is the Tanzanian Songea. It is still good, don't get me wrong, but 
last year's crop was hands down the best coffee I've ever had. Maybe I'm 
just a sucker for dark chocolate, but the "dutch chocolate" flavor in 
the bean made it the best coffee in the entire world! Sad thing is, I 
was only my first or second order of home roasted coffee, and I didn't 
understand how things worked. I didn't realize I had grabbed one of the 
last pounds of that lot available. So when I went back next time and 
ordered 5# of it, I kept wondering why it was different, not that 
outstanding flavor that I had the first time. I later discovered that 
this second order came from the new 2005 lot that while still very good, 
the dutch chocolate flavor was not a dominate, and the vanilla was more 
dominate, and that changed the whole flavor of the coffee. As I said, 
still good, and not sad I ended up with 5# of it, but this current lot 
definitely does not rank as high as last years lot did. If I knew then 
what I know now, I would have ordered 20# of it!
That said, my current favorite beans are:
Costa Rican Tarrazu El Conquistador
Costa Rican Peaberry
Costa Rican Miel
El Salvador Miel
Brazil Santa Helena
Monsooned Elephant
And most recently, Brazil Yellow Bourbon
Well, take the top five of those if your really, really, really need 
just five! There are others I would like to keep a stock of, but money 
is an issue. There are some that have recently come out that I would 
really, really like to get, but I'm dry on the money right now.
"Hey Honey, you sure we need a stove...can't we just cook over an open 
fire in the back yard every night!"
Rick Copple
Marble Falls, TX
Slowly selling off the house.

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