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Topic: New Kenya! (5 msgs / 108 lines)
1) From: Les
Tom has a new Kenya, Kenya Auction Lot 660 -Thiriku
Now that I have my order safely in, I can rant about it. It got over a 90=
rating. This doesn't happen very often. It sounds like another one of those=
really different Kenya coffees that give the opportunity for another unique=
coffee experience! Check out the review.

2) From: Matthew Price
On 9/7/05, Les  wrote:
Les, thanks for the great tip.
Tom, thanks for the great coffee.  Will that flavor diagram become a
standard part of future reviews?  The high/low scoring system seems to
try to convey a good/bad evaluation, which is misleading; if the
coffee had a defect it wouldn't be on the list.  That diagram shows
more of what a coffee has to offer and how those highlights balance
each other out.

3) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Yep Matt - the new flavor wheels will be part of every coffee review 
but the prospect to do this retroactively scares the out of me, 
so it will only be with new reviews. I am really happy with it, it 
expresses the thought process and action of cupping better than the 
other scoring ... well, lets say it compliments and fills in the gaps 
in the typical scoring. But it is a lot more work, thanks to 
Microsoft and their horrible non-compliant html formatting. So I have 
to work around it by doing half the review in a current version of 
excel and the other half in an old version! Then again, it could be 
my own limitations...
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4) From: Rick Copple
Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee wrote:
Hey Tom,
It was obvious on the flavor wheel with certain flavors what is going 
on, but what about other flavors not listed there, like chocholate? Is 
there a combination that would indicate that, or a key to know that? 
Good concept though, I like it!
Hey, I bet we could help automate the process. I've done html and PHP 
work on my web sites and some others. I've automated menu creation and 
such. I bet we could probably do something with this, if you are wanting 
help with it! :-)
Rick Copple
Marble Falls, TX

5) From:
This is absolute Hell. "...do this retroactively..."
Being of a makeup that requires me to repeat and bring current my memorable=
pleasures, I lack the mental discipline required to archive and index those=
dormant sensations for later reference. 
My resupply of the consumable primary ingredient referred to has just been=
effected, and awaits me in the post office. Harvey wasn't even straining,=
with enough space for another two pound sample or shuffle around for a Five=
[Our Harvey is a white hopper that eats House Rabbit food.]
I guess the Westminster Cretin will have to throw newspapers to support his=
habit going forward!
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Life is too short for weed whackers and other bad grinders-

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