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1) From: an iconoclast
My rationale:
Purchasing 20 lbs at a time saves approximately 23% over the 1 lb
purchase price, 5 lbs saves approximately 13%.
So, if I purchase 20 lbs of the Brazil Yellow Bourbon, I really
purchase 15 lbs and get almost 5 lbs free.  And the shipping cost
savings is even more!
I've got 20 lbs of the Brazil coming as well as 5 lbs of the El
Salvador Pacamaral and 5 lbs of the Tanzania Peaberry decaf.  Added to
my current supply of 45 lbs, I will have 75 lbs on hand.  That means I
still have room for 25 lbs of new beans to try before I hit 100 lbs.  
Now that I am getting an idea of what I like it only makes sense to
buy in minimum 5 lb lots.
It's my 50th birthday today and it's my present to myself.  I consider
it therapy.....aromatherapy!

2) From: Rich Adams
Happy Birthday Ann!

3) From: Les
Happy Birthday Ann! My wife's birthday was Tue. She is 2 years older than=
 On 9/15/05, an iconoclast  wrote: 

4) From: Sue
Happy Birthday Ann, enjoy the coffee! My son's 17th birthday is Friday! I=
tried to talk him into letting me buy coffee for his birthday, but he didn'=
go for it - he stills wants a ski pass!

5) From: an iconoclast
Thanks, all.  I've found yet another reason to have a good supply of
coffee on hand:  Disaster planning!
We live in an area that will get lahars if Mt. Hood blows.  We're up
above the river about 100ft, so we'll have river front property for
awhile.  I figure it may take a month or so before civilization gets
to us.
And if California has an earthquake, there may be a UPS delay in
coffee shipments from Sweet Marias (of course, SMs will have no
I hear it is supposed to be a hard winter, so will need to keep gas
for the generator and propane for the BBQ in case I need to pan roast
for awhile.
Just planning ahead!

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