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Topic: Vac-Pot Grind (6 msgs / 124 lines)
1) From: Les
I did a Northern Italian Roast of Brazil Carmo Estate Peaberry. I normally
don't like darker roasts. It was great as espresso and the first vac-pot ha=
a tinny overestracted taste. This lead me to do some expermenting with grin=
settings. Having a Mazzer Major give me total control over the grind. What =
discovered (I hate to bring up grinder arguements again.) grind is just as
important in Vac Pot brewing as espresso in my opinion. I found a narrow
sweetspot where this coffee is just outstanding. The last two times I serve=
it to Becky (my blind taste tester) she ranted and raved at how good it was=
When it was over and under extracted she didn't like it. She had a hard tim=
believing it was the same coffee. I have learned grind settings are
important no matter what the extraction method.

2) From: Peter Zulkowski
Oh Les,
Now I have even more 'work' to do?
Since I have had my Mazzer Mini, I have only adjusted it to do espresso.
Otherwise I just set the grind a bit coarser and forget it.
I am so embarrassed.
In a way I am saddened by the news in that I now have another set of 
proper parameters to chase,
but gladdened by the possibility that Harrar may get even better???
Do you think that you should grind different degrees of roast with the 
same bean differently?
Could be, huh.
Thanks for all your input to the list.
Les wrote:

3) From: Michael Wascher
Yes. I recently brushed out my grinder (a manual grinder) and must have
bumped the adjustment knob (it's a wing nut at the bottom of the mechanism)=
My coffee has had a heaviness to it -- thick mouthfeel, a bit malty and eve=
On 9/22/05, Les  wrote:
t I
"Not all things that are countable, count, and not all things that count,
are countable". Albert Einstein

4) From: John Blumel
On Sep 22, 2005, at 12:06 pm, Les wrote:
I can't imagine anyone would argue with that. They might, however,  
suggest that, since one isn't grinding as fine for vac pot brewing as  
for espresso, an "espresso quality" grinder isn't, since burr wobble  
and dulling won't be as big an issue, and that one doesn't  
necessarily need a Mazzer to get the proper grind for vac pot brewing.
But, since I don't want to start that argument again either, I won't  
mention it.
John Blumel

5) From: Claus Thøgersen
I went from a no name grinder that was capable of doing espresso extraction
to a Mazzer mini E, and the first grind improvement I discovered was in my
grind for the vac pot wich is my normal or prefered extraction method when I
am not using the espresso machine.
Claus Thøgersen

6) From: Les
I had the same thought today, "Do you think that you should grind different
degrees of roast with the same bean differently?" as I set my grinder for
the Vac Pot setting I have come to believe is the sweet spot. The CRLM was
very good at that spot, so I am happy. I am thinking of grinding a bit fine=
tomorrow just to see, as my sweet spot is for a darker roast than the CRLM
was roasted. And they say coffee is simple!
 On 9/22/05, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:

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