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Topic: accidental blend not great after 3 days (17 msgs / 378 lines)
1) From: Robert Cantor
Well I never thought I'd see the day, but now I, too have experienced a
coffee that was great at 12 hours and at the end of three days not really
worth drinking.  That incredibly complex cup just tasted like slightly
overly dark, thick bland generic store coffee.  Amazing.    I can't fathom
it, but at least I understand what regularly happens to some of you on the
list who have been saying that all along (Take a bow, Steve Dover!)  I hope
it never happens to me again!
Bob C.
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2) From: John Roche
on 6/30/01 9:46 PM, Robert Cantor at rcantor wrote:
For reasons I've not yet been able to determine, this happens all the time
to me with Decaf's but almost never with straight roasts.
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3) From: Gary Zimmerman
Maybe the decaffing process pre-"rests" the beans somehow 
chemically.  Maybe either the typical post-roast reactions progress faster, 
or not as much, such as not as much CO2 emmission.  Interesting, 
though.  Have others noticed this especially with decafs?
-- garyZ
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4) From: John Blumel
On 7/1/01 11:05 AM, Gary Zimmerman wrote:
The only decaf I've roasted is the Columbian MC Decaf and it seems to 
last about 5 days at City. It might also be interesting to note whether 
the particular decafination process (MC, CO2, Water, 'Natural') used is 
related to more or less rapid staling and whether decafs at particular 
roast levels stale faster than a similar 'caf' coffee. 
John Blumel
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5) From: John Roche
on 7/1/01 12:20 PM, John Blumel at jblumel wrote:
In my case, re: decaf's, it's not that the decaf is going stale per se, but
rather that it develops an off flavor. This always makes it totally
undrinkable. I'm not sure if this off flavor is an amplified component of
the *going stale* chemical process or something all together different.
Despite numerous tests including taking the roast from city to French I have
not found the answer. It does seem to occur more often and more rapidly at
darker roasts. I suspect its due to lack of temp/profile control on my
HWP/ALP. It could be that what ever temp the roaster is giving me is not
quite right for a decaf profile??? BTW, this seems to occur with any decaf
bean despite which ever process was used to remove the caffeine. It's a
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6) From: Steve
I have found decaf not as good several days later. But all my other roasts
are usually better after a couple of days.

7) From: Steve D - Kc4rkf

8) From: John C.
This happens with most coffees I roast.  I store my roasted beans in canning 
jars with the lids on tight, too.  I guess I just need to roast every third 
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9) From: Mark Beckman
These comments are so interesting to me.  My taste buds must be out of wack
or something because I have found just the opposite.  Because of this list I
have several times ended my roasts at or before the 2nd crack.  The coffee
from these roasts to me tastes green and I do not like it.  These roasts
taste more like coffee after 3 days or so.  I roast a ton of coffee and most
is roasted about 1 minute into the 2nd crack.  I also mix a lot of coffee
together at different roast levels.
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10) From: John C.
I used to roast everything to the start of second crack - one or two snaps, 
no more.  Now I find that I am stopping the roast a minute earlier, trying 
to keep from losing whatever citrus, fruit, flower or chocolate flavors 
might be there.  Very elusive, these subtle nuances.
This past winter I was very unhappy with the quality of my roasts.  Couldn't 
even get to second crack, sometimes.  That coffee tasted sour.  Maybe your 
roast profile contributes to the flavors you don't like?  When my popper can 
get to first crack in 3 minutes and second crack in 6 minutes, I know the 
results will be wonderful even when I stop it at 5 minutes.homeroast mailing listhttp://lists.sweetmarias.com/mailman/listinfo/homeroast

11) From: Gary Zimmerman
Mark Beckman wrote:
Mark, do you usually let your post-2nd crack coffee rest a few days, or do 
you tend to drink it immediately or the next day?  Maybe dark roasts don't 
need to rest as long (this seems to be the trend I've found for myself).
-- garyZ
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12) From: Mark Beckman
I have noticed that also, but I let all the roasted coffee sit for a few
days in plastic containers before I use it.
 I'm going to try a light roast again.  I purchased a Chemex drip coffee
maker on Monday and have had some excellent coffee using this unit and the
Chemex filters.  So now I want to try a light roast and brew the coffee with
the Chemex.  I have some Colombian Tuluni green left and will roast that
just to the end of the first crack.

13) From: John - wandering Texas
Gary & Mark;
	Excuse my late entry into this (been busy with Mom in ICU) but I have now
worked my way through about 16 types of beans (stick too long on the ones I
love) but I find that some beans take a darker roast to produce a great
cup - like the Brazilian I'm sipping as I write this - it turned dark so
quickly that I stopped it short of the second crack - and it wasn't bad, but
not up to home-roast flavor. So I kicked it 90 seconds into second crack and
it was perfect.  My all time favorite is Costa Rican Terrazu  - and it is
best right at second crack.  Of course all of this is personal preference
because its how it tastes to you.
	Curious - what beans are you trying?
John - soaking up the coffee & Sun in Deep Southern Texas

14) From: Steve
I'm with you John, second crack has produced phenomenal tastes for me but
anything before 2nd crack tastes green.
I only go about 30 seconds into 2nd crack but that's where we 2nd crackers
will start to vary...

15) From: Steve D - Kc4rkf

16) From: Mark Beckman
Well since I purchase only bags of green (132 or 150 lbs) I have somewhat
limited variety.  I just purchased a bag of Brazil Fazenda Monte Alegre and
Colombia decaf.  I also have Colombia Tuluni, Panama Duran Estate, Papua New
Guinea Sigri AA, and  Sumatra Gayo Mountain Coffee.
Of those, which do you think would result in a good cup roasted only to the
end of the first crack?

17) From: Michael Allen Smith
The Panama, Brazil, and Columbia - in that order.
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