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Topic: "Coffee Cropper" on Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" (11 msgs / 199 lines)
1) From: Bill Blakely
Discovery Channel has a new series titled "Dirty Jobs" in which the host
performs "Dirty Jobs".  According to preview I just saw, there will be a
segment titled "Coffee Cropper".  It will premiere on October 4th at 9 PM
(EDT) and will be shown again on 10/05 at 1 AM EDT.  The episode is titled
"Ostrich Farmer", so that will probably be the first (and longest segment).

2) From: Rick
There are some really ugly things in that series.  I watched one where a guy had a job picking up road-kill off the freeway in Colorado.  Another guy's job was to rub a horses ... well ... it was a female horse, to get it good and ready for a stud.  Very bizarre.

3) From: hazzmat
Bill Blakely wrote:
Crap. This isn't going to make wince with guilt whenever I drink coffee, 
will it?

4) From: Gary Townsend
I enjoy watching that show with my 20 and 17 year olds...
 The show last night had a house with the sewer system in *back up*
mode...after the family returned from a vacation somewhere....I've seen som=
pretty awful things before, but that one was just too realistic. I had to
flip over to a *happier* channel a few times as that particular episode jus=
got to me. I usually say something along the lines of "See what can happen
to you if you get poor grades in school" Must be working, as it's been a
while since I've seen a "D" or worse on the report cards...When a "C" comes
up...( insert beetlejuice voice ) "It's Showtime !"

5) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
A couple of the ones I've seen have been really interesting.  Good for
those times when you *think* you've had a bad day!
One show was similar to the one Gary mentioned.  He went around with
guys who cleaned out septic tanks.  The guys who did it as a regular
job were really amazing - friendly, great attitudes.  I could only
watch it for about 1/2 hour.  Way too graphic that close to dinner.
Roasting in an SC/TO
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On 9/29/05, Gary Townsend  wrote:

6) From: John Blumel
On Sep 28, 2005, at 10:36 pm, Rick wrote:
I know people who do that for fun.
John Blumel

7) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- John Blumel  wrote:
 Heck, I've done that for dinner more than once. There's a
fresh killed deer on the highway near my place pretty well
every day of the year.
                                         Oaxaca dreamin' 
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8) From: Rick Farris
I was trying to eat dinner while I watched that, and I suppose I could =
dealt with scraping flat squirrels or rabbits off the highway, but they =
loading up dead deer that had been twisted up into bizarre shapes -- and =
flat ones, freshly dead. I had to shut it off.
-- Rick
9/29/2005 4:45:15 PM
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9) From: Matthew Price
On 9/28/05, Rick  wrote:
guy had a job picking up road-kill off the freeway in Colorado.  Another gu=
y's job was to rub a horses ... well ... it was a female horse, to get it g=
ood and ready for a stud.  Very bizarre.
Growing up in the country I know enough about the process to scar
anyone for life; both sides of the operation are more hands-on than
you would believe.  When you are paying hundreds or thousands of
dollars in stud fees you don't leave things to chance.
It is the same for stud bulls, except usually they don't bring the
bull and the cow together.  FedEx bridges the distance with the farmer
making the final 'connection'.

10) From: tom ulmer
Nothing like a good animal husbandry story before lunch...

11) From: Matthew Price
On 9/30/05, tom ulmer  wrote:
I never noticed the Google text adds before this thread.  If you don't
think they are reading your mail, they are.  I had no idea they
purpose-built tanks for some things.  It's been a long time since I
had an opportunity to blush.

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