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1) From: an iconoclast
I guess I should have concentrated on my favorites rather than trying
something new.  I gambled there would be enough Brazil YB for another
order.  I only have 26 lbs left, so now I'm going to have to ration. I
have been using it in blends, but had some left over and made a pot of
just the Brazil.  Just delicious.  I think it's in a class by itslef.
I swear it tastes sweet.  There is just this sweet, buttery
aftertaste. And the aroma is fantastic.  I miscalculated and now I'm
Hope I find something new that interests me just as much.  I roasted
up 6lbs of coffee today as I am giving out some samples. I roasted at
least 1/4 lb of all my new stuff, so maybe something will hit the
I do say the roasting experience was great.  I am following my
husband's example and putting the heat gun on the hood of the main
part of the BBQ pointed down towards the side burner.  It is held in
place by a few bags of green coffee, but Dan is going to get a bungee
cord setup for me. I don't have to hold the gun at all now and it
leaves me plenty of room to use my new 14 inch whisk to stir the
beans.  Barely takes any effort at all on my part and my hand stays
cool. And while I'm roasting, the air smelled so fresh from the rain
and the fall colors are just starting to really pop out. I had to turn
the bottom heat up a bit to get the roast going as temps are cooler
now, but the roasts are turning out wonderfully well. My new turbo fan
makes cooling and chaff removal so easy.  Takes 1-2 minutes and some
stirring with the whisk and the beans are cool and clean.
Just allow me a few moments of despair.

2) From: mIke mcKoffee
ROFLOL! Only 26# left of a particular green so have to ration! I do
miKe mcKoffee
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first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal enlightenment
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.

3) From: Sandy Andina
I know how you feel. and I'm just a piker when it comes to purchase  
amounts (most I've ever bought of one varietal at one time is 5#).  I  
am down to 6 oz. of Malabar Gold, 10 oz. of Harar Horse and a lb.  
each of Red Line and Guatemala Huehuetanango Decaf, and I am bummed  
indeed.  The Red Line is easily obtainable--just have to call Tony  
and walk over to Metropolis and pick it up; but the others?  The MG  
came from the Green Bean Co-Op and is in somewhat short supply; the  
Guat., thanks to Hurricane Stan, is about to acquire the cachet (and  
cost) of Jamaica Blue or COE El Salvador; and the Harar Horse, I  
understand, is history at least for this year. Roasted some last Fri.  
and drank presses of it Sat. & Sun. morning--delightful but nothing  
like what greeted me when I opened the container today:  a huge  
olfactory hit of amaretto, and the taste of wild blueberries. No, not  
"reminiscent of blueberries"--the actual *taste* of them! I'm gonna  
miss this stuff.  Roasted up 6 oz. (half my supply) of Jamaica Blue  
Mt. Mavis Bank for Sat. morning; meanwhile, the pain was eased  
somewhat by a lovely, tangy chocolatey macchiato made with organic  
milk and Decaf Red Line.  (Yes, there's a striking difference bet.  
organic milk and the supermarket-brand or generic stuff).
Still have about a lb. of Liquid Amber, 1.5 lb. ea. of Decaf Red Line  
and  Espresso Donkey, 2 lb. Mexico Chiapas (a real sleeper), 1/2 lb.  
of the COE Pacamaral and 12 oz. ea. of the Aussie Mt.  and Brazil  
Fazenda Ipanema Dulce.  R.I.P., Rwanda Gatare and India Pearl  
Mt.Peaberry--may your memories be for a blessing, as we say in my  
tradition.  At least my consolation when my stash runs out is the  
opportunity to discover new stuff.
Anyone here get frustrated when you offer your homeroast to friends  
who casually say, "Oh, I don't drink coffee" or worse, "the stuff is  
wasted on me--I drink instant (or General Foods Int'l Coffees"?
On Oct 14, 2005, at 1:23 AM, an iconoclast wrote:

4) From:
I'm just imbibing a large cup of Horse as I hunt/ peck. Aged 46 hrs when
brewed, this is what it's all about!
I'm preaching to the choir. Sorry-
"...you offer your homeroast to friends
who casually say, "Oh, I don't drink coffee" or worse, "the stuff is
wasted on me--I drink instant..." (or say nothing whatsoever as they pump a
cup from the Pump Thermos and drown it with Bovine lactate.) At least, the
hostess had real sugar out, whatever that is.
I used to be that way with Other Than (real) Coffee. And some of my friends=
who know that I homeroast, actually smelled and savored the coffee (probabl=
Ethiopian Sidamo- I disremember) and were bowled over how it tastes
straight. The 3L Pump Thermos came back empty, and the hostess had already
brewed some pretty good stuff.
Next time, I'll take my little notebook. I got some decafs in my last order
so I can do something for my friends so inclined. They'll probably think I'=
lying like heck when they taste it. Others might want a lighter roast. So i=
There's a joke that goes something like: " ...stash redux. I'm not buying
any more until..." Reminds me of a comment attributed to Pres. Harry S.
Truman, "Don't kick a fresh turd on a hot day."
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Eschew Ersatz Grinders-

5) From: Les
And I only have 7 pounds left! The good news is part of Tom's mission to
Brazil is to secure more of this "high" elavation stuff for us. I had an
awesome cup of the Colombia Huila -Los Idolos de
morning. It has many of the same qualities as the Brazil YB. Tom's
write-up forced, coerced, couldn't help myself, begged, pulled, drew me to
add it to my last order. Tom said, "but the reason we bought this lot was
the cup; it is a fantastic Colombian coffee. If you look at all the
descriptor entries on our new quality flavor wheel, you can see the
abundance of sensory points. It has a great dark fruit quality in fragrance
and flavor, plum with raisin and fig hints. There's a dark resinous pungenc=
in the cup, paired nicely with caramel sweetness. And there is an almost
winy aspect here, not like punctuated Kenya winyness but a deep Merlot
quality. I found best complexity at Full City." I am glad I added it. One o=
the key words to look for in Tom's writeups is "fantastic." That says this
is one of the best of the best! My biggest buy has been a half-bag. Yes, it
was Uganda Bugisu.
 On 10/13/05, an iconoclast  wrote:

6) From: Larry Dorman
Damn! You're going to have start getting it before all the hoarders do... ;=
On 10/14/05, an iconoclast  wrote:

7) From: an iconoclast
On 10/14/05, Larry Dorman  wrote:
I thought, "Yeah, you're right, Larry.  I've learned my lesson."  And
then I got it....
Good news though.  At 26 lbs, I can roast a pound every other week and
it will last a year.  Plenty of time for Tom to hunt for more for next
year.  And yes, I know, every year may not be the same...but don't
burst my bubble. I'm already depressed.

8) From: Tom Ulmer
The edict has come down from those in my household that I WILL roast enough
of the YB to make it through the week. I've been roasting 2 pounds of it a
week and it's only lasting 5 days. After last night's roast I've barely got
a 14 week supply.

9) From: Les
Boy are we spoiled or what! I remember when having 3 varietals in the sash
was awesome! The YB is a great coffee, but there are at least a dozen other
great coffees on the SM list and all the others are really good! Try giving
the new Cup of Excellence offerings a try, you will be impressed.
 On 10/15/05, Tom Ulmer  wrote:

10) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
On Oct 15, 2005, at 10:26 AM, Les wrote:
And trying out these new ones will even allow you to make the YB last  
     Jim Gundlach
"The espresso machine is an accessory to the grinder, not the other  
way around."

11) From: an iconoclast
On 10/15/05, Pecan Jim Gundlach  wrote:
I am drinking a very nice PNG Goroka A.  Very chocolatey aroma.  First
sip was a bit dry, but it got sweeter as it cooled.  Had some
Guatelmala Antigua Peaberry last night.  I brewed it too light, so am
going to try again later.  Next up is Nicaragua COE La Pinauete
brewing as we speak, Java Govt Estate- Djampit and the Ethiopia FTO
Harar-Oromia. They're all roasted and ready to sample.  I have 63 lbs
of beans with 23 different varieties, so I think I'll be OK, but since
starting home roasting in March, the Brazil YB is just my all around

12) From: miKe mcKoffee
Respectable stash for 7 months home roasting. Now add a zero to the 2nd
number and flip them and you'll know you're in stash trouble!-) That's where
I found myself last year, 60+ different greens weighing in at over 2 keys.
Too much stash for a two coffee drinker (plus gifting) household to go
through in timely fashion before greens go baggy. Even greens vac' sealed
1&1/2 to 2yrs best max. Down to a more managable and useable in a decent
time frame 132#...
miKe mcKoffee
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found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.

13) From: an iconoclast
On 10/15/05, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
 Down to a more managable and useable in a decent
I can see how this can get out of hand.  Well, I guess I will use up
the beans I was holding on to and have a little faith.  I have 1 lb of
Indian Pearl Mtn. Peaberry that I just love.  Of course, by the time I
figured that out, there as none left.  I think once I go through a
year cycle, I'll have a better idea about how this all works.
Take care,

14) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
I am just back from Brazil and the cupping competition. I set up some 
special stuff with Fazenda Brauna that should come in a couple months 
(one being 5 bags of natural dry-process coffee, dried on the tree 
actually, which will be the first natural ever exported from the 
Matas de Minas region). I spoke with the Coop where we got the Yellow 
Bourbon from and the prospects look good for this years crop, but 
that would be like 5 months away, so don't hold your breath. New crop 
naturals from Cerrado and from the competition will be about 6 - 8 
weeks away.
Anyway, I learned a LOT as usual. I don't know about you all, but as 
far as traveling I find it really beneficial to show curiousity and 
ask good questions, without trying to act like I know too much. I 
have seen what seems like a million coffee wet mills, but every one 
is slightly different, and has a slightly unique approach. It's like 
roasting ... even with the exact same outfit, we all get slightly 
different results. You are always fighting variability in roasting, 
trying to make good results repeatable, but maybe it would be a bore 
if it all got TOO repeatable. Anyway, I think we are a long way from 
that, and the coffee itself as a variable agronomic product will 
always through a curveball to us!
I am going to disappear today to edit 600+ pics and knock out a 
report for this trip before I forget everything. For some reason, I 
took almost no notes. Okay, bye!
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
            Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria
                      http://www.sweetmarias.com                Thompson Owen george_at_sweetmarias.com
     Sweet Maria's Coffee - 1115 21st Street, Oakland, CA 94607 - USA
             phone/fax: 888 876 5917 - tom_at_sweetmarias.com

15) From: Gene Smith
For some reason, few people ever seem to discover this formula. 
It's good for a lifetime of self-education and ought to be taught 
in the schools.  Extremely well put, I might add.
Gene Smith
riding the wild learning curve, in Houston

16) From: tom ulmer
Thanks. I am looking forward to that special stuff.

17) From:
"...without trying to act like I know too much..."- Not too hard for me, an=
I'm not acting!
If I must miss one of Must Haves, not to worry. Tom's coffee just keeps
getting better, and I really appreciate the education. It's all good!
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Mmm- Masarap! Ayos na ang Kasunod!

18) From:
On 10/17/05, raymanowen  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the
Wichita WurliTzer

19) From: Aaron
Oh just great... ANOTHER bunch of 'must haves'.   I have close to 100 
pounds of 'must haves' and 'must tries' and 'you can't miss this ones' 
sitting on my shelf now.  If I get anymore 'gotta git theses'  im going 
to have to 'gotta git a bigger place to live' to store it all at.
Maybe I should just build a big bon fire one day, get a 30 gallon trash 
can, let it have it several times with my shotgun filled with #6 shot, 
hook the thing up to the PTO on my pickup with some kind of pulley 
arrangement and roast them all at once in one huge roast o rama, and go 
on a 6 month coffee drunk :) afterwards with whoever is willing to show 
up and share.
maybe I just need to open up a coffee shop and not worry about a huge 
stash anymore and that way I can order hundreds of different kinds of 
beans and not feel guilty for it.
Guess it's time to start drinking more coffee to make room for the next 
harvy shipment.  well actually... christmas IS coming up, so I can 
probably offload several pounds that way... Hmmmm, I have an idea now.....
I wonder how the kiddies would like coffee beans for halloween :/

20) From: Sandy Andina
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Coat 'em in chocolate. They'll be trick-or-treating all night long.
On Oct 17, 2005, at 1:18 PM, Aaron wrote:
Sandy Andina
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Coat 'em in chocolate. They'll be trick-or-treating all night long.
On Oct 17, 2005, at 1:18 PM, Aaron wrote:

I wonder how the kiddies would like coffee beans for halloween :/

Sandy Andinawww.sandyandina.com --Apple-Mail-8-945150553--

21) From: Rick Copple
Les wrote:
I thought I was going overboard! I roasted a pound of the YB this past 
week and have been enjoying it, though I think I ended up with a bit 
lighter roast than what I thought I had. Still good brewed, but leaves 
too much edge on the espresso. I've got 6# left.
Also, I recently got in the monkey blend espresso cups. From the sounds 
of it, I might have snagged the last 2!
And, another bean that I've really liked just tried this week:
Honduras Fabio Caballero
A really great sweeter coffee, that actually has a deeper "brown sugar" 
base to it. I only got a pound, but I may get more of this one. It isn't 
like the YB, but it is very good, on a par with the Brazil Santa Helena 
for character and the depth of sweetness is similar to the El 
Salvadorian Miel, but with that brown sugar note that makes it in a 
class all its own. I tried it tonight as espresso, and came out with 
lots of crema and was pretty smooth going down. Made a nice Americano too.
Been busy writing lately, so I've been quiet. I have to keep cranking 
out chapters. My wife and daughter who are reading them are demanding I 
keep up the supply of chapters!
Rick Copple
Marble Falls, TX

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