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Topic: Thanks for advice and Cupping in Chicago (6 msgs / 87 lines)
1) From: Debbie Kong
Hi all-
I am truly thankful to all those who sent me some great advice on roasting
in Chicago through winter. I will share my experience and what I will learn.
I have been roasting for less than a year and love it. I generally like
light roasts but am open to trying different things.
My favorites are:
Sulawesi Toraja Grade 1
Guatemala Huehuetenango
El Injerto 
Columbia Popayan
I also just ordered Mexico Organic Oaxaca Finca El Olivo, Sumatra Iskandar
Triple-Pick, Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu and Nicaragua Cup of Excellence
-La Esperanza 
I am looking for some sources to learn how to blend coffees anyone have any
on-line or off-line resources? Anyone know of any cupping groups/events in
Chicago? I would like to further my coffee education.
Got Coffee?

2) From: Jeff Oien
Debbie Kong wrote:
This is good if you haven't seen it:http://www.sweetmarias.com/blending.htmlJeffO

3) From: Sandy Andina
     A bunch of us are trying to get a regular coffee-pub-crawl going  
in the Chicago area (we had one last spring at Intelligentsia's  
Jackson St. store that ended at Metropolis). We'd also like to see if  
we can hold home barista jams too. I'm in Edgewater--where are you?
On Oct 19, 2005, at 7:31 AM, Debbie Kong wrote:
Sandy Andina

4) From: Jeff Oien
Debbie Kong wrote:
Here is another one:http://www.coffeereview.com/reference.cfm?IDČ.JeffO

5) From: Michael Dhabolt
 I've found Tom's article:http://www.sweetmarias.com/blending.htmlto be a=
invaluable primer on the subject.
 Mike (just plain)

6) From: Chris McAvoy
On 10/19/05, Sandy Andina  wrote: A bunch of us are
trying to get a regular coffee-pub-crawl going
I'm in Chicago as well, and would be interested in something like this.
Maybe set up a meetup.com  account, or something like

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