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Topic: My Article.. and some others (5 msgs / 64 lines)
1) From: Obrien, Haskell W.
I've been wanting to mention this forever, but I didn't want to jump the
gun.  I've got an article coming out in MAKE Magazine soon.  It's really
just on making a bottomless portafilter, but hey, it'll pay for some
more beans!
There are actually some other coffee articles in that issue as well.
Here's the table of contents:http://makezine.com/04/This is pretty exciting, it'll be my first published article.  It's
funny, Usually the stuff I think they'll never use is what they want.
I have to thank this list, since it got me going to bother with the mod
in the first place.

2) From: Paul Sack
On Oct 20, 2005, at 4:59 PM, Obrien, Haskell W. wrote:
This looks like a really interesting magazine. I just subscribed thanks 
to you. It is chock full of projects I'd like to do.

3) From:
congrats guy,
I will be looking for the article.

4) From: David B. Westebbe
Wow!  Congrats!!!!
Totally cool 'zine.  I'm going to get a subscription.

5) From: Jared Andersson
Way to go on the article. That magazine seems like the perfect home roaster
publication. Jared
On 10/20/05, Obrien, Haskell W.  wrote:

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