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1) From: Frank Fairchild
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I am new to almost everything concerned with roasting coffee.  I did =
spend 20 years in the USN riding submarines so am quite proficient at =
drinking the bad stuff.
Recently I was spending time with my oldest son and his family when we =
got interested in roasting our own coffee beans.  Wow!  What a =
difference in flavor.  We are enjoying trying different beans and roasts =
and telling each other about them.  I live in Idaho and he lives in =
SMs has web page has been a great help and, since he works in Berkely, =
he has visited their warehouse and got to meet many of the workers =
including Tom.  Tom told us of this list aand I signed up hoping to =
learn more.
I want to think you all for the posts.  I am picking up a lot of info in =
a hurry.  I had never heard of Swiss Gold filters or even "Harvey" until =
I do have one request if you would humor a noob for a while.  I truly =
enjoy reading about your coffee preferences but often have no idea what =
you are drinking because you are using initials only.  Please use the =
whole name or part of the name at least so I can try what you like.  =
By the way, I loved the "Starbucks" vending machine.
Frank Fairchild

2) From: French Lewis
Hi Frank.
I primarily drink decaf and really like the Ethiopian
decaf and the Costa Rica and Guatamala.   From what
I've heard, the non-decaf versions of these can be
fantastic.    If you drink espresso, the Donkey Blend
is fantastic.
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3) From:
Monkey Blend Rules!

4) From: Michael Dhabolt
 What boat (boats)? Welcome aboard.
 Mike (just plain)

5) From:
a boat, try ship!!

6) From: McConnel
How about das Boot?

7) From: Frank Fairchild
Sorry Ginny, Mike is more correct even though you are more technically 
right.  All submariners call their crafts a "boat".  After all there are 
only two classes of ships in the Navy-Submariness and targets.
I was on the USS Nathaniel Green SSBN 636 for five and a half years, the 
James K. Polk SSBN 645 for two and the George Bancroft SSBN 643 for 
three.more.  I also had tours as instructor at the S5G prototype and Nuc 
School Orlando.
Thanks for all the inputs.  Keep em coming.

8) From: Frank Fairchild
I am thoroughly glad I never had that experience.!!  It is amazing what 
those WWII guys went through.

9) From: Michael Dhabolt
 Originals from the SS 580, Barbel. North Pacific patrols before the pacifi=
was populated with boomers. 64-2 at Mare Island Basic School, S1W prototype
and instructor. Nine patrols on the Bobby Lee SSBN 601.
 You'll enjoy this list, interesting learning curve. Nice social
environment, good folks.
 Mike (just plain)
 On 10/25/05, Frank Fairchild  wrote:

10) From: Frank Fairchild
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I know this is a little OT but will reply anyway.  Easier to ask =
forgiveness than permission.  I was 66-1 at Mare Island.  Went to S1W =
for prototype but they were in refueling and supposed to be started up =
before we were ready for inhull-never happened so we were sent to A1W to =
start over.  Total of 13 patrols and two shipyards.  
After being retired for 13 years found out I have Multiple Schlerosis so =
sit around most of the time now.  Believe it or not the doctors told me =
to drink two cups of coffee a day to help "pick me up".  I had quit =
coffee completely until then.  Now I am finding out how good coffee can =

11) From: Scott Morrison
Hi Frank,
 You mentioned in your first message that you are in Idaho. My wife's famil=
is from Idaho Falls. Where is your stomping ground?
 Scott Morrison

12) From: Michael Dhabolt
 >Believe it or not the doctors told me to drink two cups of coffee a day t=
help "pick me up".<
I love it. I'll have to let Loretta (wife) see that. She is convinced that =
drink "way too much espresso". I finally got to the point where one cup of
what passed for coffee in the canoe club would give me acid stomach for a
day. A casual comment around the troops "anyone got any antacids?" would
result in a pile of Tums, Rolaids, Malox and various other concoctions (up
to but usually not including sodium hydroxide) a foot high. I quit coffee
entirely. It was a decade before I started drinking espresso - never any
indigestion. Been uphill ever since - especially after finding Sweet Marias
and fresh roast.
 I took S1W into that refueling (shut down the week after Hymie sat my
class's Oral Boards). Provided Rad Con support to the Westinghouse people
doing the work (that was my instructor billet). Also did ELT with Doc
Wrencher (sp) at NRTF before C1 welding and going to the Lee during O'haul
 Bounce me a note off list. We should probably keep track of each other.
 Mike (just plain)

13) From: Frank Fairchild
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I am in Idaho Falls.  Moved here for good six years ago after being =
forced to retire due to MS.  We are just off Sunnyside road.  Love this =
Who are your inlaws?

14) From:
Yet another GREAT thing about this list. The wonderful folks you meet in your own backyard!

15) From: Frank Fairchild
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My email is frank  I also was an ELT and studied under =
Doc. Rencher and Bill Herd.  

16) From: Terry Stockdale
At 06:59 PM 10/25/2005, you wrote:
Espresso-Latté Technician?
Terry Stockdale -- Baton Rouge, LA
My coffee pages:http://www.TerrysComputerTips.com<Snip>">http://www.TerryStockdale.com/coffeeMy newsletter and tips: http://www.TerrysComputerTips.com<Snip>

17) From:
OK. Deal. What's a "USN?" Did I see some of them @ Subic Bay, and was that
the puddle in front of Manila or Olongapa?
Ship- Boat, what? Dampfshiff?
Try a SM Sampler. Incredible coffees!
Anchors aweigh- RayO, aka Opa!
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18) From: Richard Weinberg
gin all subs are boats even the ssbn's out washton ; richard in 
indianapolis, had my share of navy coffee

19) From: Michael Dhabolt
 Subic Bay - it was Olongapo.
USN - Homo Sapian - nautical - funny looking 17th century outfit.
SSN - Attack boat (Nuclear)
SSBN - Ballistic missile boat (Nuclear)
 Ahoy and all that jazz. And a little Brazil YB SO espresso to go with the
 Mike (just plain)

20) From: Randy Rusch
Glad to see some other bubble heads on the list.
USS Birmingham SSN 695 1977 - 1983

21) From: Rick Farris
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USS Dixon.  AS-37  1969 – 1975  Commission Crew, plank owner.
-- Rick
10/25/2005 1:57:22 PM
Cloudy in San Diego, CA
65°F (18°C) - 60% RH 
Wind From NW at 9 mph (13:55:21)
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Glad to see some other bubble heads on the list.
USS Birmingham SSN 695  1977 - 1983

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