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1) From: Barbara Greenspon
We met today at my home, and I think we all had a great time.  Crema was 
flowing.  Les graciously spent a great deal of time pulling shot after 
shot after shot for us, showing us the ins and outs of crema.  My 
Andreja Supreme wowed us all.  Its a workhorse that's a piece of art.
We had many coffee choices, and I don't think I've ever had so much 
caffeine in such a short time.  Caffeine usually calms me down (I'm one 
of those), but this was so much that I was mellow and flying at the same 
Les brought his son John, who was a delight to me and spend time with.  
Jared brought roasted beans as did Les.  Jared also brought homemade 
venison jerky.  My son in law David, who does not drink coffee but loves 
the ritual and in fact is about to be certified as a coffee expert at 
the gourmet kitchen store he works at, came and perfected his pulling 
ability.  He even "liked" a few sips of our Mexican Chiapas; guess it 
was the chocolate.  My husband, Tom, who got me started on all of this, 
joined us, giving us help wherever needed.  My daughter (David's wife) 
Erin and granddaughter Lily rounded out our group.  Erin and Lily were 
in and out, and Lily (who will be 4 on Christmas eve says "When I'm a 
bigger girl and like coffee, I'll play with you guys, too!"
We snacked, drank, snacked and drank.  Tom did make everyone come down 
and admire his brewery for a few minutes, which I felt was fair, since 
its through home brewing that he found out about homeroasting and got me 
to start!
What a fun day.  We were sad that no one else from the area joined us, 
but we did have a great time.  Thanks to all.

2) From: Jared Andersson
Some of the things I learned at the latest Twin Cities gathering:
   - Les is really laid back about being a bean, roast, tamper, espresso,
   espresso drink super star.
    - John, Les's son will give a very funny running commentary about the
   "real Les" during an entire visit.
    - Although my home espresso isn't that bad I have been over filling
   my portafilter and I have been settling the coffee in the protafilter wr=
   - My next step in better espresso is better roasting. Drum Drum Drum
   is in my head.
    - Barbara's Les made Thor Tampers are the best I have used. ( I
   couldn't believe the consistency of shot.)
   - Les is not a big fan of Sumatra but will very politely drink a shot
   of my 7 minute air roasted Sumatra pulled by a very nervous me and make
   generally positive statments.
    - Barbara's husband Tom's home brew beer is by far the best home brew
   I have tasted. He truly is the Les Alberg of home brew.
    - I learned that the loud hiss sound and giant bubbles in my milk
   drinks does not make for a good latte.
   - Did I mention that Les really deserves the tittle Dr. Crema. (and he
   does house calls.)
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3) From: Barbara Greenspon
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Great, Jared.  It really was so fun!
Jared Andersson wrote:

4) From: Les
It was fun. I wish some of the other Minnesota folks had come. And then
again with our nice size group we really got to know each other. Barbara an=
Tom are wonderful. I enjoyed their son-in-law who is trying to figure
espresso out! I had my first real go at the Andreja machine. What a nice
espresso machine! We were banging out shot after shot and she just kept
pace. The steam wand is one of the better ones I have used and the
craftsmanship is excellent. If you are looking for a good machine that isn'=
way out there, I would recommend the Andreja. Barbara has a stash that
rivals Mike McKoffee's from about a year ago, and Jared brought his stash
over in a box. Both are real good homeroasters and I am proud to have
sampled their craftsmanship. Find some homeroasters in your area and make
some new friends!
 On 11/1/05, Barbara Greenspon  wrote:
d make

5) From: Barbara Greenspon
Again, it was a wonderful day.  We had such a good time.  What a special 
group of people!
Les wrote:

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