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Topic: travelling to mexico (7 msgs / 149 lines)
1) From: Sue
I'm travelling to Mexico (for the first time) with my family this winter! M=
husband, three kids and I are going to my brothers second home in El Cuyo
for almost three weeks this winter! In all, there will 13 people from my
family there. It should be a very memorable Christmas! We will even have
house guests here at home to watch the house and animals - and keep up with
the snow removal!
  Anyway........Looking at Toms Coffee Production Timetable, it seems we
will be there at a pretty good time, right? I'm wondering if anyone has any
advice on coffee farms we might be able to visit? Or maybe even cacao? What
can we bring back with us? We will mostly be in El Cuyo, a small town on th=
gulf about 2 hours north of Cancun. We will have a car and be able to plan
some other small trips also. I'm really looking forward to being in Mexico!

2) From: Ed Needham
Talk to Oaxaca Charlie about your trip.
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"
ed at homeroaster dot com
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3) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Sue  wrote:
 Hi Sue. You guys didn't pick the best place in Mexico for
visiting coffee farms, I'm afraid. It's a long way from
Oaxaca, or the good growing areas in Chiapas or even
Veracruz. Or Guatemala. Traveling with the family to those
places around Christmas could be a nightmare for driving,
with tons of traffic and every hotel full up. Great cacao
in Tabasco, but that's not the most tourist friendly area.
Enjoy the beach and the nice people of el Cuyo, and hope
that one of the local cafes has some decent Oaxacan coffee
for y'all. If you were to actually be staying north of
Cancun (instead of west of there) you could drop into Cuba,
where there is some very nice coffee. I'm enjoying a cup
right now. Yummy.
                                         Oaxaca dreamin' 
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4) From: Sue
I was afraid of that. Yes*, west* of Cancun - I don't know why I said
north!? I thought everything might be far from us but it sure would have
been fun to go to a coffee farm! Thanks Charlie!
 On 11/7/05, Oaxaca Charlie  wrote:

5) From: Wesley Simon
I visited Mexico City back in September. It was the best vacation I've ever
had. I was fortunate to be with a friend that spoke fluent Spanish. I was
able to spend some time with relatives of the same friend. They pretty much
adopted me as part of their family. They took us to places few "touristas"
go. Most of the people I came into contact with were quite friendly. They
seemed to appreciate it even more when I *tried* to speak Espanol. I wanted
to visit a coffee farm, but was only able to visit some really nice coffee
shops and drink lots of "espress." They drop the "o" for some reason. I got
to visit a 52 year old coffee shop in Coyocan called El Jarocho. They had
burlap bags of coffee beans piled up inside and a line that ran down the
street. There was a great big roaster sitting by the beans, but I have no
idea what brand it was. I ordered one "coffee" or "cafe" and they served me
an Americano. Yuck! All watered down! I went strictly for the espress after
that! I think I paid 14 pesos (about $1.30) for a double shot served in a
styrofoam cup.
Anyway, my input on going to Mexico would be this: Avoid the tourist areas,
that isn't really Mexico. Try to speak some Spanish, it will be appreciated=
Try to find some local coffee shops, they may be the next best thing to
going to a farm.
I wasn't even thinking that I would roast coffee when I was there. Had I
known, I would have loved to watch the guys in El Jarocho fire up that big
On 11/7/05, Sue  wrote:

6) From: Bill Morgan
Sounds like you did the trip right!  El Jarocho (and Coyoacan in
general) are points of pilgrimage whenever we visit Mexico City, but
I've never managed to be there when they were roasting.  I assume
their coffee is from Veracruz, because I'm told that "Jarocho" is
slang for a person from there.
Thanks for reviving that set of memories.
On 11/7/05, Wesley Simon  wrote:

7) From: Wesley Simon
That follows what I was told, that the coffee was from Veracruz. I brought
back a kilo of it too. It was really big beans roasted to FC, I'd guess. It
had really wonderful chocolate flavors in it. Coyoacan is a fantastic place=
it reminds me of Lawrence, Kansas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! My impression was
that there were many intellectuals and artsy type people that hung out
there, and the women...The Beautiful Women. I could make a lifetime out of
drinking espresso and mingling with the beautiful women in Coyoacan!
On 11/8/05, Bill Morgan  wrote:

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