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Topic: NEG? North East Gathering? (8 msgs / 113 lines)
1) From: Chuck the Coffee-Geek
How many roasters do we have in or near the North East?  I really feel 
like I'm missing out on these gathering things.

2) From: Kathleen Tinkel
I am in southern Connecticut. I know of a couple others around here.

3) From: Nelson, Frank
I am in Providence, RI.

4) From: David B. Westebbe
I live in Boston.

5) From: Thomas Pfau
Central New Jersey.

6) From: French Lewis
I live in central CT (Middletown).   
--- Kathleen Tinkel 
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7) From: mIke mcKoffee
In the word's of Nike adverstising "Just Do It!". Pick a date and location
and go for it. It doesn't need to be some kind of culinary adventure like
"some people" might host... Off to mix my smoked King Salmon cream cheese
miKe mcKoffee
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8) From: Michael Guterman
On Nov 12, 2005, at 1:49 PM, French Lewis wrote:
I am in West Haven, CT.  I went out to Oregon for a gathering a year  
or so ago, and it was great.  Let's do it.

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