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Topic: Tricolator Filter Cones (5 msgs / 137 lines)
1) From: vainas
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I saw an old message, 2001, from Bob Schaefer, asking if anyone had any =
on the Tricolator coffee cones.  I didn't see any replies, but I am not =
mailing-list savvy.  So I tried calling Bob at his listed number (work) =
he is no longer there, apparently.  
So, does anyone have any idea where I could buy a couple of those cones? =
brother loves them, and has lost 1, so for Christmas I would love to
surprise him with a couple more.
Fran Vainas

2) From:
I guess I have been under a rock for too long. I have not heard the word  Tricolator for years!
My only suggestion for this would be to google it or go onto eBay and search.

3) From: Bill Buchholz
Ruby Lane has a tin of tricolator filters. Asking $40.

4) From: vainas
Ginny, thanks for answering.  I did try Google, and just about every other
search engine I could find, that's how I came up with this group...  I am
continuing to try!!!

5) From: vainas
Yes, I saw that, Bill, thanks.  That is a tin of (?)paper filters, it is =
antique or collectible.  I am looking for usable plastic cones.  Thanks =
answering!!!  fran

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