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Topic: Aged Sumatra Tradition (11 msgs / 175 lines)
1) From: Dean
I just drew from a bunch of crumpled slips of paper out of a small 
bucket and the last entry was the first exit. 
Congratulations to Peter Z for the luck of the draw, and I hope you 
enjoy the aged coffee.  8-)
It's the only green from Tom that I just didn't "get". :-[
Of course, I seem to recall him saying that aged coffees can be hard to 
get to know.  Or something like that.
Thanks to all for playing along!
Happy Thanksgiving.
Hunting for a small box in the weeds in Iowa.

2) From:
he cannot have that, he has won toooooo many times.

3) From: Michael Wascher
OK, you distract him, I'll grab the beans & run!
On 11/22/05, badabingbadabean  wrote:
"I never learned from a man who agreed with me"
   -- Robert A. Heinlein

4) From: Peter Zulkowski
Thanks Dean,
I sent you my address. Sounds like a good way for a drawing to me :)
Dean wrote:

5) From: Peter Zulkowski
Ginny, I did not win a few of the offerings, other folks did  win also.
Besides, I enter a lot of drawings.
And  then, I have not been keeping track.
Thinking of what to offer for another tradition, here in LHC.
badabingbadabean wrote:

6) From: Peter Zulkowski
To me it seems that I am ahead on my tradition offerings, but it may be 
just a feeling I have. Not sure how to check, but the way the 
'tradition' is supposed to work is that something of like value be 
offered to the list when something is won. Is anyone keeping score?
Maybe it should not be a keeping score thing, but I like the idea of 
sharing like we do here, and it is nice to be able to give something 
back on occasion, even if it means that someone has to win  something. 
Nope, that isn't a bad thing either.
Some days I get so confused.
Hope you all have a great turkey day :)
Off to roast for tomorrows feast, here in LHC
Michael Wascher wrote:

7) From: Dean
It's in the hands of the federal government now.
Let's all wish it the best of luck.  :-D
Peter Zulkowski wrote:

8) From: Demian Ebert
Friday morning we tried the Aged Sumatra I roasted earlier this week. As it
cooled the woody notes got stronger and stronger. To the point we started
refering to it as "stump coffee". We decided that this coffee, while
interesting and certainly different, was not for us. Therefore, I've got
just over 300 gms to pass along to someone. Here's the catch, while open to
everyone, I'd prefer this went to somoene who hasn't tried this coffee yet.
So, drop me an email off list if you're interested. Entries are due by
midnight Pacific time this Sunday (March 5). I'll draw a name Monday after
Demian (who's apparently not into woody coffee).

9) From: Alchemist John
Well, I won't be entering as because of your post I had to go roast 
the Aged Sumatra.  Throwing caution to the wind, I mixed it 50:50 
with the Monsooned Malabar post roast and pulled a shot.  Talk about 
a shot to be reckoned with.  It will but wind in your sails!
Just for giggles, and of course for the sake of balance, I mixed the 
pair with the rare Kenya (that Tom sold out in 3 days) at 1/3 each.
I like wood apparently.
At 11:59 3/4/2006, you wrote:
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

10) From: Demian Ebert
Ok, drum roll please.... From the proverbial hat (couldn't find my box of
dice with strange numbers of sides) we drew the name of Peter Zulkowski.
Congrats PeterZ. Send me a snail mail address off list and I'll get the
coffee out the door to you in the next couple of days.
Thanks to all who entered.
On 3/4/06, Demian Ebert  wrote:

11) From: Peter Zulkowski
Wow! Great! Thanks Demian!
My snail mail address is on it's way.
Can't wait to try it, here in LHC.
Demian Ebert wrote:

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