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Topic: Need a new roaster (5 msgs / 84 lines)
1) From: B. Scott Harroff
My iRoast 1 just died (3 of 4 tabs dead on the lid) and I don't want to
order parts to rebuild it.
I roast about 2 pounds per week, and roast primarily for coffee and
occasionally for espresso.  I usually have 1-2 cups per day, primarily in my
Hario or Cona Vac pots but some via Americano's though my PID'd Silvia.
Thoughts are HotTop or IRoast 2.  
What are the lists thoughts?

2) From: Barry Luterman
I just upgraded from an i-roast to a Hottop and am very pleased. Can do 2 
250 gr. roasts back to back and am through roasting for the week. Coffee 
doesn't seem to need as much rest time. Takes some of the art and creativity 
out of the mix than the I-roast offers. But on the other hand it is 
tremendously consistent regardless of the ambient temperature.I save my art 
and creativity now for pulling G-d shots. Glad I upgraded

3) From: mIke mcKoffee
How satisfied were you with the results from the IRoast 1? If highly
satisfied probably makes sense to get an IRoast II. If only somewhat
satisfied maybe spring for the additional $$ and get a HotTop. Most people
who have them and don't require larger than 1/2# range batches semm to be
highly satisfied.
miKe mcKoffee
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4) From: Ed Quesada
The RK drum is probably your best bet if you do not want to build your 
own. With batches up to 5lbs and a proven track record by it user, it 
hard to beat. Otherwise get the HotTop, it sould like everyone who has 
one like it also though the batch sizes are smaller. I am sure you will 
get a great deal of input on this question. I really enjoyed building my 
own and though some may not like to use there free time for this effort, 
I enjoyed it and look forward to my next one.
Ed Quesada
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5) From: Larry Dorman
Any reason not to consider the Stir Crazy / Turbo Oven (SCTO) combo?  It
would quite easily meet your needs and is less than $100 investment...
On 11/23/05, B. Scott Harroff  wrote:

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