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1) From: Frank Fairchild
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Thanks for all the replies to my TO/SC questions.  My equipment is on =
the way and all will be well.  
I also have another question.  I have given some of my roasted coffee to =
my neighbor and my sister-in-law.  This was La Minita roasted to FC+ and =
C as Tom says he likes it and freshly ground since neither has a =
Both feedbacks told me the coffee was good but was weaker than expected. =
 I thought it was great.  Could this be because they are both used to =
over roasted charcoal?  I was expecting good reviews and was panned!
Feedback would be appreciated.
Greg I will add my two cents to your post.  When first starting this =
roasting business a couple of months ago I too was thinking "coffee is =
coffee".  My first orders for beans and equipment was placed on E-Bay =
and other web sites.  My son ordered his coffee from our host.  NO =
COMPARISON!!!  To start with SMs prices are very competitive if you take =
shipping into consideration but you are assured the quality is first =

2) From: Brett Mason
OK, so feedback is appreciated?
...you said...   "I also have another question.  I have given some of
my roasted coffee to my neighbor and my sister-in-law."
I understand the neighbor taking the coffee...  but the neighbor also
taking the sister-in-law is going way beyond expectation.  Kudos to
the neighbor.  Does he have room for a mother in law as well?  I would
throw in a couple pounds of my Christmas Blend if this would sway the
On 11/28/05, Frank Fairchild  wrote:
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

3) From: Rick Copple
Frank Fairchild wrote:
My feedback is, I've noticed that a lot of people who drink Folgers and 
the like, don't tend to use the full amount of grounds on the package 
even, I know for a long time I didn't either. A lot of that is because 
the coffee flavor wise isn't all that great, so they want it weak. The 
usual French Roast it is given and the stale coffee...you don't need a 
lot of it to get the very sharp and bitter flavor. So a lot of people 
don't use as much coffee as we might.
Last time I was at my mother-in-law's she commented "You're not going to 
put that much coffee in there are you!"
So, when they go to good fresh coffee, they don't tend to take into 
account that it will be less bitter and using the same amount, it taste 
"weak" to them.
Another factor, Central American coffees, especially a lot of CR's, are 
usually known for being more on the mild side. There are exceptions, but 
usually you are not going to get strong coffee short of roasting it to 
death...if it can take that dark a roast without getting "thin". The La 
Minita is a more delicate coffee flavor, appleish if you roast it just 
right in its sweet spot, which is small.
The other factor, some people are just so set that "real" coffee taste 
bitter and stale, that anything with flavor is going to taste weak to 
them unless it has an "edge" to it. So, if you know you are making 
coffee for the unitiated, go with a deeper, chocolaty flavor of coffee 
that has some body and umph to it. Java, El Salv. Pacamara, many 
Brazils. You can usually notice these by the degree of roast that Tom 
indicates it is  OK to take them to in the notes. The higher roast level 
it can handle and still keep its flavor, usually the more deep and 
strong the coffee flavor is (notice...I said usually! Read the notes to 
get a good idea on that). Finally, if you have a coffee, and you know it 
may be fairly deep and strong flavor, but they put cream and sugar in it 
and you need to make sure the flavor cuts through that, consider adding 
some Robusta, not much, maybe 5%, to give it an edge. Another good 
coffee for that if you just can't stand the thought of using Robusta, is 
the Yemen coffees. They have a real unique edge to them that will cut 
through coffee and make it "strong" tasting without making it "bitter".
That is pretty much what I did with my Costa Rican blend I mentioned a 
while back. 75% CR Peaberry roasted to a full city+, gave it a very good 
base coffee to work with, roasted almond and chocolate come out there. 
Most people will like that one just as it is. It doesn't have "bite" but 
it makes a very good flavor and can be taken dark if need be, but I 
wouldn't go too much beyond Full City+ or ++. Then I added 25% CR Miel 
for sweetness and deep fruit flavor. Then I put in a "dash" of Robusta 
for edge that I know they would appreciate. They loved it.
I've almost used up my blend of 75% Tanzanian Songea and 25% Yemen Mohka 
Ismael. That was pretty good too.
However, Tom's out of the Songea, and maybe the Yemen too (I would have 
to look).
Rick Copple
Marble Falls, TX

4) From: an iconoclast
On 11/28/05, Rick Copple  wrote:
I totally agree with you, Rick.  When I give out samples, I tell
people to use more coffee and grind it slightly finer if they like
strong coffee.  I remind them I don't burn my coffee, so they won't be
tasting the roast. But they will taste the unique flavor of the bean. 
I also tend to give them a full body coffee to people who like a
robust coffee.
Take care,

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
That is a great post! Very thorough, can't help but be helpful.
On 11/29/05, Rick Copple  wrote:

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