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Topic: 1st Pot in my Krups Moka (5 msgs / 86 lines)
1) From: Les
I got my new brewer today.  The Dr. Crema drip!  This machine puts out a
nice head of crema when it brews!  It makes great Moka brew without the
hassle of the traditional Moka Pot.  I brewed up a pot of *Panama Auction
Lot -Café de Eleta *roasted to a nice city plus rested 3 days.  A much
better cup than my vac pot will make.  It really brings out the neuances an=
the after taste is clean and fresh!  I think I will grind a bit finer next
time.  I like it better than the Americano I pulled from it this morning.
It is much sweeter.  These machines are going for around 50 bucks new on
Ebay.  If you are looking for another brew method, this is one worth lookin=
into.  I am going to brew a Kona tomorrow morning.  I have to be to work at
3 AM!

2) From: an iconoclast
On 12/7/05, Les  wrote:
 It really brings out the neuances and the after
I was waiting with anticipation for your reaction, Les!
I replaced a Zojirushi drip with carafe with the KMB.  I couldn't
smell the coffee brewing with the Z and just couldn't get it strong
enough. I can smell the KMB all over the house!  I pour the nectar
from the KMB into the Z carafe to mix up the layers the KMB produces
and keep it hot at the same time.  We really love the KMB. I now own 3
of them and my daughter and sis-in-law each have one.  I grind 60g of 
beans in our Capresso Infinity at the 2nd to last or last fine
setting.  I have tried extra fine, but I like the fine setting better.
 The KMB only makes 40 oz, but I really like it as the coffee doesn't
sit long and it's gone and I get to make another fresh pot. Mmmmmm. 
Glad you like it, Les.

3) From: Jason Brooks
Great!  I've been looking at those for a while.  But all I need in addtion
to the 2 presses, a vac pot, a moka pot, an ibrik, espresso machines, and
some old drips is another coffee maker!  But, if it makes good coffee,
maybe I could chuck one of my other ones.
And 3AM- UGH!

4) From: Jason Brooks
    Where are you sourcing for filters?  Or are you using something else? 
I found them in the same range around on non-auction sites with free
shipping, but was curious about filters.  It's not something I can get
locally, which always makes me a bit less inclined to go for.

5) From: an iconoclast
On 12/8/05, Jason Brooks  wrote:
The cheap round percolator filters with the puch out hole in the middle wor=
just fine and are very inexpensive.  Just don't punch out the hole in the
middle. These filters are just slightly smaller and thinner than the Krups.
Was told somewhere Albertson's has 300 of them for $1.69.  I bought 100 for
99 cents. If you want the original filters, I found totalvac.com the least

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