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Topic: Monsooned Yirgacheffe? (6 msgs / 111 lines)
1) From: Mike & Debi McGinness
Of the 20+ green varietals I've roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe seemed my least favorite. Too bright
or citrusy for my tastes. (Roasted about full city, just barely started 2nd crack.) Second roasting
thought about roasting darker but didn't do it. Was just going to reserve it as an evening "desert"
Then... tried mixing 1:1 with French roasted Timor Maubese, ok but nothing to try again.
Later mixed 1:1 with Vienna roasted Indian Monsooned Malabar. WOW, kind of like St. Helena on
steriods! A powerful compex cup to say the least, I like it.
Just roasted a batch of each, some will definitely get mixed...
From the Pacific Northwest
-birthplace of the inFamous Charbucks!
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2) From: coffenut
Been wondering what to do with the rest of my Monsooned Malabar...thanks for
the tip and will give it a try.
Coffenut  :^)
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3) From: Dwight Anderson
I'm glad to hear someone else likes to use the Indian Monsooned Malabar
along with Ethiopian's, I've been very pleased with the use of this bean in
my blends and it seems to make a great deal of difference.   I've not heard
much about the bean, but I agree it make a great cup.   By the way I did use
it with some St Helena, and awesome comobo IMO.

4) From: Keith Parker
Monsooned Malabar is one of my standard blending bases. I bought one of Tom's 20
pounders and almost always have some roasted Malabar on hand. I frequently use
it in combination with numerous other "strong" coffees.
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5) From: coffenut
I finally got around to blending the Yirg with the Malabar as you had
suggested.  It does a fabulous job of taming the "sewer water" side of the
Malabar IMO.  I roasted both in my Alp and they were close to the levels
that Tom recommends for these beans.  The Yirg was taken about 15 seconds
into 2nd crack.  I didn't take the Malabar to the "Vienna" level, but
stopped it at Full City.  I was just curious about why you took the Malabar
to the Vienna level?  Tom says "you lose the funk" past Full City and I'm
wondering if that was your way of making sure the "funk" was lost?  I
usually don't roast much past 2nd, but may want to try a Vienna on the
Malabar just to see what effect it has upon the "funk".  For me, less "funk"
with the Malabar is goodness.
I don't like the Malabar by itself at Full City, but this (50/50) blend
makes the combo a winner.  Very smooth, lots of body too (reminds me a
little of Harar at Full City).  Thanks again for the suggestion.
Coffenut  :^)
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6) From: Mike & Debi McGinness
From: "coffenut" 
I roasted the Malabar about Vienna (which I understand is just past Dark Full City) just because
that's the way we like most of our Indonesians (Lintong, Gayoland...) Of course, what I'm calling
Vienna you may see as Dark Full City, I didn't write down how long into 2nd snap, which also would
vary with roasting method. The beans are medium dark brown with a slighlty oily surface (not just
speckled oil, but not completely shiney.) There's still plenty of "funk"!
My wife made of pot of straight Malabar this morning, she loves it I tolerate it. After she left I
made a Kona Cafe' Americano! Ah, much better now...
Home Roasting in the Beautifully Green Great Pacific Northwest
(It doesn't rain ALL the time!)
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