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1) From: Cary Sean M MAJ MNCI C3 MNF-W LNO
Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
Would that be about Clinton?  He did it first.  So did Carter, what GW
did was not illegal - and when was the last time we were attacked since
9/11?  Don't start your Michael Mooore crap, all of that was dis-proved
100 times over, and if that is your sole source of intel - time to go
back to school.
Don't come to a gun fight with a knife, some of us have some really,
really deep intel sources you New York times intel readers don't.  When
you source of intel is something more then MSNBC or the NYT - please
feel free to comment.  Hey - did get this from Sean Penn?
I love liberal types who hate GW so much they will publish anything they
want, smear him, be wrong and never apologize.  Clinton did the same
things that Feinstein and crew are trying to throw GW under the bus
for...  Oh, and btw, she knew ALL about this - as did many other Dems,
so the surprise game doesn't fly.  Clinton made the same comments about
Saddam and Iraq that Clinton - have you listened to ANY of the Saddam
trail news?  Oh, well I have, them man and his sons were freaking
sadistic animals.
I guess since the elections went well, they have to have something to
cry about - when you have 1/2 a clue about what is going on HERE, then
please feel free to comment, be careful about what you say about Iraq, I
am here, was at US Central Command before this and know more about
operations in Iraq then you will EVER know.
This also should have OT listed in front it.  And yeah, I know you
support the troops here - even if you don't we don't care - we know what
we are doing is going to make a change, and that the Wahabists in Saudia
Arabia are shitting their collective pants in fear of an Arabic
democracy - why do you think they are funneling money and fighters here?
When you have 1/10th the intel I see on a daily basis, please feel free
to make a counter comment - since I know you don't please feel free to
sit out the next round - I can slay you with the truth.
Maj. Sean M. Cary
Camp Victory, Iraq
sean.cary /smil.mil
DSN 318-822-2147
"Evolution can be mean, there's no 'dumb ass' vaccine"
Jimmy Buffet - Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Feeling

2) From: tom ulmer
The best to you and your comrades-in-arms and may no harm find you.
Loyalty to your Commander in Chief comes with the uniform. We get that.

3) From:
I will respond and yes I should have put OT in front. In fact I should never have posted the jingle but I did.
So get over it.
I would never, trust me.
I have a brother who some days does not know his name for the shit the VA tosses across the counter at him. He went to Vietnam when I was 16 and he has never been the same after 6 years there so don't tell me about wars.
I feel the same about this one I did about that one.
I also do not want the USA to become a police state. The president is way out of line and King George needs to stop.
We have millions of people here in the USA who need help. Lets spend some money here for a change.

4) From: Espressoperson
All sides on this issue, please call a Christmas Truce!  Cease fire!
If you don't know that story about the Brits and Germans in WWOne, look it up 
and respond in kind!
Beat your swords into coffee grinders

5) From: William Gates
That would be a whirly blade right?
On 12/21/05, Espressoperson  wrote:

6) From:
no billy, it horse's hoves!!

7) From: Espressoperson
In a message dated 12/21/2005 5:27:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
newbie.lurker writes:
That would be a whirly blade right?
Yes! Let's shut down this thread with bad jokes. Here's mine...
Wasn't the original coffee grinder a mortar and pistol? 

8) From: Cary Sean M MAJ MNCI C3 MNF-W LNO
Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
Well, lets see- you have a brother who went to Vietnam - well so did my
Dad, a few uncles and some good friends of mine...my Grandfather went to
war before him and survived Guadalcanal and the Battle of Okinawa, and
my Great Grandfather as well - he was a rough rider with T Roosevelt in
Cuba.  I AM a combatant, from a lineage of warriors, not the sibling or
child of one, try again.  
So yeah, I will tell you about war, when you have even come close to
harms way - give me a jingle.  You know nothing of war, watching the
history channel doesn't count.
I have been to this theater twice in the last two years - in fact I will
have Combat Pay for three years running 04, 05 and 06.  I am also a Gulf
War vet - I don't live vicariously.  Maybe if Clinton had taken out OBL
when he had the 3 chances, we wouldn't be here - maybe if he had held
Saddam to the requirements of the cease fire, we wouldn't be here.
Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
I get sick of hearing that GW is the root of all evil - he's not. We
wouldn't be in HALF the trouble we are if out Military forces weren't
slashed by 30% in the early 90's...oh yeah, that was Clinton.  And yeah,
you came to a gun fight with a knife with me around - that's your
mistake, not mine.  Open forums are not the location to vent 1/2 truths
or stupid jingles that are not true.
Merry Christmas - From Iraq.  
Maj. Sean M. Cary
Camp Victory, Iraq
sean.cary /smil.mil
DSN 318-822-2147
"Evolution can be mean, there's no 'dumb ass' vaccine"
Jimmy Buffet - Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Feeling

9) From: McConnel
Hey Sean,
You guys need some decaf over there?

10) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
Excellent idea!  Here's mine:
CSA Member at coffeehouse:  Hey, this coffee tastes like dirt.
Enlightened barista: That's not surprising, sir.  It was just ground
this morning.
Roasting in an SC/TO & i'Roast2
On 12/21/05, Espressoperson  wrote:

11) From: Scot Murphy
On |Dec 21, at 3:38 PM|Dec 21, Cary Sean M MAJ MNCI C3 MNF-W LNO wrote:
Interesting, that. That opens up an avenue of discussion I'd like to  
learn some more about. Would you mind contacting me off-list? This  
really isn't the place for it, but since the opportunity has arisen,  
I'd like to know what I can.
Scot "liberal is supposed to mean open-minded" Murphy
"The sharpest criticism often goes hand in hand with the deepest  
idealism and love of country."
                -- Robert F. Kennedy

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