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Topic: my best shot yet...yippee (5 msgs / 97 lines)
1) From: French Lewis
Happy Holidays Everyone,
I had to write and gloat a little bit.   Tonight I
pulled my best shot ever of donkey blend.   I roasted
the Donkey to a light vienna (~15 seconds after the
first snaps of 2nd crack), 14:46 roast time, 6:30
between start of first crack and end of roast, roasted
in my modified FreshRoast+.   Tonight was 8 days after
roasting, and I pulled a double ristretto on my La
Pavoni Europiccola.   Crema that Les may not be proud
of, but hopefully wouldn't be ashamed of.   A taste
explosion in my mouth, which lingered for 45 minutes
or so as I cleaned the kitchen and took care of the
evening house chores.
Now if I could only figure out how to align the stars
and planets precisely as they were tonight so I could
repeat shots like this one all the time...
Happy Holidays to all, and my sincere apology for
being on topic and only mentioning beans and roasters
sold by our list host and hostess :P
ps. I tried an espresso out this afternoon at a place
in Cromwell, CT called the Sugar Cube Cafe.   I was
sceptical when I walked in and saw they call their
shot "The God Shot".   Well, they pleasantly suprised
me, their shot had crema that Les would definitely
have been proud of, and a fantastic blend of flavors. 
 I probably should have stuck around and talked to the
owner some more, but it started to get busy and I
needed to finish Christmas shopping.
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2) From: Les
Congrats on the excellent shot!
On 12/21/05, French Lewis  wrote:

3) From: French Lewis
Thank you, doctor.   Your posts are among those that
has helped me get to where I am roasting and espresso
--- Les  wrote:
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4) From: mIke mcKoffee
Congrats on double winning experiences. It is nice to find a surprise nugget
'out there'.

5) From: Phil Mollard
How do you get of this list the instructions that say go to the ULR window 
doesnt work on my computor help I am geting bombared and am going away for 2 

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