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Topic: Newbie's Holiday Greetings!! (6 msgs / 261 lines)
1) From: Geary Lyons
Happy Holidays to all!  I have only been on the list for  couple of weeks,
but. WOW!!, have I learned plenty.  (Although there were a "bumpy" few posts
that, almost, had me screaming for the unsubscribe URL!!)  I am roasting
with a Toastmaster popper.  It has been a true learning experience for about
a month. I originally got the bug from my local home brew supplier. They
also sell greens ands roasting supplies.  Good beans, reasonable selection
and then.....
I stumbled onto Sweet Marias.  They are to coffee, in the same league as my
brewer supply. (Who, IMO, happens to be the best at what they do, based on
my 25 years plus of home brewing!)  I am truly blessed. SM's is just the
other side of the Oakland hills from me. Amazing selection of greens.
Obvious love of what they do. The most informative niche affliction website
that I have ever seen.  And, from all that I can gather, wonderful people,
to boot!!
I press pot, the wife drips. Espresso? Well, I thought I did, until reading
the posts here and info elsewhere in my educational surfing!! We have been
using a Braun whirly blade for years.  I aced Santa for a Solis Maestro
Plus. I researched and it seemed to be well regarded and carried by SM's.
Now some of the postings on the list have got me worried. (Santa's remorse,
before Santa has let me know it's here!!) Was this the best choice.  It
surely fit my budget. Your thought would be appreciated. But I am REALLY
anxious to eliminate the sludge at the bottom of my cup!!
As I posted earlier, I am not sure what my roasting escalation protocol will
be...iR2, Drum/BBQ.  But I admittedly, hooked on the "Roast'em if you
Got'em" concept.
Cheers and Best of the Season!!

2) From: mIke mcKoffee
Welcome to the List de-lurking mode! (don't let the occasional family food
fights scare you away:-)
Solis grinder wise there have been many lengthy discussions about them over
the years. My recent post did not elaborate on why I got rid of mine. The
Solis grinders are IMO very good ergonomically friendly grinders for all
grinding except espresso or finer needs like Turkish. Grinding for espresso
will wear out their burrs in a matter of a few months seemingly do to the
plastic burr carrier design which allows too much slop. 
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
URL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer, some recipes etc:http://mdmint.home.comcast.net/coffee/Rosto_mod.htmUltimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I must
first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal enlightenment
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.

3) From: javafool
Happy Holidays Geary!
Don't get Santa's remorse over the Solis Maestro Plus. Unwrap that baby =
enjoy! It is a good grinder for the price and it should make a world of
improvement in your coffee. I have steered several people to the Solis,
especially when the old Solis could be found for under $100. They are =
happy and I have my original as a back-up which I will not sell. 
I received my last 10# SM order a few minutes ago. It consists of 2# =
each of
five different selections. I roasted 1/2# of Mavis Banks day before
yesterday so it will be ready for Christmas morning. No doubt in my mind =
is worth the price.
Then we are off to Seaworld for the day and have reservations to dine =
Shamu tomorrow afternoon. If the rain holds off or is brief, it should =
another wonderful Christmas day.

4) From: Tom Ulmer
Hello Geary-
Have fun and enjoy the results. You have certainly found one of the best
suppliers. Here's a tip for that sludge - give the cup a swirl near the
end... it adds a little body, taste, and fiber. I like a good press pot
during the work week and that "specially brewed just for you" espresso on
holiday. Good coffee sees many different forms and apparatus.

5) From: Chuck the Coffee-Geek
Its a very good grinder for everything but espresso.  It even works fine 
for my espresso machine, but it lacks consistency at such a fine grind.  
Its is a good grinder for the price.  Mine has been working fine for 
over 3 years.  As long as you keep it clean it will last.  If the grind 
dial ever feels hard to turn, clean it immediately.
Back from the land without the internet...
Geary Lyons wrote:

6) From: Geary Lyons
Hope everyone had a great holiday! Thanks to everyone for their comments on
the grinder. Well, Santa came through on the grinder.  Unfortunately SM's
did not have the Solis Maestro Plus in stock. But, rather than disappoint on
the big morn, Santa substituted the new Baratza Virtuoso.  Wow, is this
thing nice. Sleek design with a tremendous heft that says "Use me, Big Boy,
I can take your best shot!"
A huge improvement in my press pot cup...clean, clean taste. Still dialing
in the grind/brew time combo, using the Orommia Coop Harrar, (this and PNG
Arokara, my favorites, so far!!) and Yirgechaffe.  I am into the drip grind
range, with my favorite, so far, combo, with a 3 munute total brew time.
Tomorrow, I plan to roast more Nic COE La Pinauete and Colombia Huila - Los
Idolos de Bellavista, (wife's favorites, so far).   Maybe even some Ugh!,
just to grind for the fun of it ;-)!!
Getting my SM order ready!!
Happy New Year!!

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