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Topic: New IBrik!!! (6 msgs / 136 lines)
1) From: Mark Tosiello
Hi all,
Well, I purchased an Ibrik from Tom, it got here and I did my first 
Turkish Coffee (Sugar, no cardamom).  Ground the powder in my Mazzer 
Mini, and did the 3 foams.  To say it was delicious was an understatement.
I'm Hooked.  Now I can Press Pot, Vac Pot, Pull Shot, Turkish.   But no 
drip.  Awwww........
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2) From: Brian Kamnetz
If you'd care to share it, I'd love to hear a detailed description of
your Turkish coffee process, i.e., what you did, what were the cues,
and what were the effects.
On 1/15/06, Mark Tosiello  wrote:
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3) From: Wandering John
Sounds like I should rush you my copy about addictive behavior that my 
family keeps putting on my desk.  We used to have a CSA group that 
required 4 roasting and 4 brewing methods to qualify - but then it 
progressed to whole homes full of stuff.  You sound like a qualified 
member of the advanced group.
John - really, really enjoying life 2 ounces at a time - looking for my 
Mark Tosiello wrote:

4) From: Jason Brooks
Brian Kamnetz wrote:
I'll second the request for details.  I"ve messed with my Ibrik over 
Christmas vacation.  Loved it, but had a difficult time getting the 
triple foam. Heating was problematic at best on the electric stove but 
it was delicious!
Jason Brooks
Hanging Out in the Heart of VA,
Roasting in a Poppery, and soon arriving BBQ roasters,
Pressing in a Bodum Chambord and Columbia, 
Vaccing in a Cory Vac Pot,
Espresso from a Magister Home, and a Krups Gusto,
Drinking good coffee with anyone that arrives!

5) From: Mark Tosiello
Brian Kamnetz wrote:
Well, I don't think I did anything that required the 
Ph.D........overkill, I guess....anyway I put my 4 tbsp Mazzer Mini 
power-powdered Prince beans into the ibrik, added 8 oz of water, some 
sugar and stirred a lot to get it all mixed.  Next, put the ibrik on the 
gas stove on medium heat until the foam began to levitate.  Waited for 
it to slowly levitate to the top, took it off, waited 20 sec or so, gave 
the TOP layer a stir to break the "crust" that I felt was kinda holding 
the foam down, put it back on, it foamed more quickly (turned the heat 
to medium low flame.  Took it off, repeated after 20 more sec (no crust 
breaking this time), took it off and let it sit for 1 min, decanted and 
swilled it down.
Hope that helps.
BUT NOW I'M SO HAPPY!!!  Harvey showed up today with 5# of Aged 
Sumatra!!!!!!  Oh, aged coffee, how I have MISSED 
But I digress......
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6) From: Brian Kamnetz
Thanks, Mark.
On 1/17/06, Mark Tosiello  wrote:

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