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Topic: Tipping on beans (6 msgs / 110 lines)
1) From: Jason Molinari
Last night i roasted a preroast blend of 2 parts
sumatra volkopo and 1 part harrar FTO.
Roasted in my drum roasted, using the usual profile.
But it seemed that these beans started smoking heavily
right around 1st crack (usually the heavy smoke
doesn't start till into 2nd crack).
Another odd thing, is that it looks like i've "tipped"
these beans. Some of the beans have darker spots on
the tips. I've read this means my ramp was too
fast..but it was no different than it always is. Any
my profile was (bean temps):
2 min 15sec mins to 165 
1min 45 sec to 225
1min 15 sec to 265
3 min 15 sec to 330
3 min to 385
1st crack at 390
1min 40 to 410
1 min 20 to 430
30 sec to 435, 2nd crack
1 min to 447, eject.

2) From: Rob Stewart
Do you think that since 1st would probably be closer to 410-415f. that 
your temp. readings could be as much as 20F. low and at the end of roast 
  your at a higher temp than you think?   Were it me, I would tighten up 
the before 1st a bit and lengthen the after.
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Jason Molinari wrote:

3) From: Jason Molinari
possibly...but all of my 1lb roast go to 1st at abuot
390 and 2nd at about 435.
i'll try speeding up the 1st part to 1st and slowing
the rest..
--- Rob Stewart  wrote:

4) From: Rob Stewart
I don't have a clue regarding the early smoke , but it does look like 
your actual bean temp at end of roast is probably in the 460s
Jason Molinari wrote:

5) From: Ed Needham
I'd say some direct flame might have gotten through to the perfed drum.
Ed Needham
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6) From: Ken Mary
I have never knowingly had tipping so I am not much help here. The first
crack temp is early compared with my 202-203 C or 396 F. Second is close to
my 225 C or 437 F. The pre-first ramp of 18 F per minute is twice mine, our
pre-second ramps are identical.
Assuming that separate roasts of the same beans do not tip, then something
different must have happened.

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