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Topic: The WINNER is... (was) Re: +Tradition Offering (5 msgs / 94 lines)
1) From: Jerry Procopio
There were 38 entries for this Tradition drawing.  My internet service 
has been out for nearly 24 hours, so I delayed the drawing until after 
it came back up to see if there were any last minute entries.  Mickie is 
sound asleep and shirking her name drawing duties so having no last 
minute entries, I placed 38 numbers into the hat, scrambled them really 
good, then picked one out with my head turned away.  \
The lucky winner is Sue Stevenson!  Congratulations Sue.  Send me your 
mailing address offlist and I'll get the Cona Gift Set shipped to you asap.
For those who want to see what she won, it is posted at http://conapottradition.freeservers.com/Jerry+
Jerry Procopio wrote:

2) From: mIke mcKoffee
Congratulation Sue!
I'll say it again, great generous offering Jerry.

3) From: Gary Townsend
Jerry Procopio wrote:
"The lucky winner is Sue Stevenson!
Congratulations Sue."
"I'm offering up a Cona vacuum coffee pot as a list Tradition Offering.
This is a "Kitchen Standard" model, approximately 2 pints."
that was an awfully generous tradition drawing!
Congrat's to Sue!!! That is one fine looking vacpot setup!
"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to pleas=
everybody." Bill Cosby

4) From: Sue
Wow! I can't believe how fortunate I've been lately!  I recently won the
Coffee Card Game tradition from Mike Wascher (which is really cool) and now
this as well! I have never been lucky in this type of thing in the past!
Well, I really appreciate it and this is something I have wanted for quite
some time!  I now owe 2 traditions! I'll come up with a few things soon,
hopefully by this weekend! I have already written Jerry to thank him for hi=
generous gift and look forward to trying it out!
BTW: I was also fortunate enough to be able to adopt a beautiful 7 month ol=
Newfoundland puppy this week! So much good fortune..........
On 2/1/06, Gary Townsend  wrote:

5) From: Sue
I want to thank Jerry Procopio for the wonderful gift! The Cona Vacuum
Brewer Gift Set arrived yesterday in perfect condition! It is really
beautiful. My son called me at work yesterday when it arrived. That is abou=
all I thought of the rest of the day! I didn't get home until quite late so
I won't get to try it until tonight. The home roast you sent with it smells
wonderful! I'll give you an update tonight after trying it out!  I'll stop
on my way home for some fuel for it.
Jerry the entire gift was wonderful and very thoughtful. Thanks for
including the nice letter, the drum roasted coffee, and  the SM tip sheet a=
well as the original instructions!  I shouldn't have any trouble brewing!
On 2/2/06, Sue  wrote:

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