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1) From: Randolph Wilson
Alright Coffee Geniuses,
I need your help.  My Mazzer came today.  It was billed as a "Luigi 
Major".  The power rating is 120v and 5 amps, which would be 
appropriate for a Major.  But the label says "Super Jolly Aut" and it 
came with the taller "inverted cone" style hopper.
The "Aut" would seem to refer to Automatic, and it does automatically 
start and stop as is described on the Mazzer web site for the Major 
with the automatic option (runs after full rotation of the doser 
chambers, stops when doser is full).
So what exactly do I have, and what size burr does it use?  The power 
rating seems to high for a Super Jolly.  I haven't weighed it yet, 
but I guess that might further differentiate it.
Also,  I have tried searching the web, but can't seem to locate the 
manuals or a source for them.  I'd like to have them, but in the 
meantime time I need to know how to disassemble some things for 
cleaning and inspection.  I'd like to give the innards of the doser a 
good cleaning.  And most of all, I'd like to inspect the burrs.  Any 
links to how-to's or manuals or sources for them would be greatly 
One final request - I gather the setting dial shoud be zeroed from 
time to time.  I assume that this involves loosening the ring and 
adjusting it so that 0 is the at the point the burr begins to touch? 
Any advice on proper procedure for zeroing would also be helpful.  I 
also notice that moving the ring is a bit stiff - is this normal, or 
is this something I need to correct?
Thanks for the help.

2) From: Michael Dhabolt
It sounds like a call to the parts dept. at Espresso Parts NW is in
order, phone # 800-459-5594.  The parts man there is Devin (heck of a
nice guy) and I have never stumped him with a question about
equipment.  I've never felt the need to find out where the burrs touch
with a Mazzer - adjust a little one way then the other until I get my
1.75 ounces in 25 seconds and make a little mark on the ring.  The
adjusting ring comes originally with a little lever that screws into
the ring and gives you a some leverage when adjusting - it is stiff
even with the lever (when compared to lesser machines) - the
adjustment is held by a friction setup that allows really small
adjustments and will hold it forever.
The hopper you reference is the standard one supplied with the Supper
Jolly and the Major both (a shortie hopper is available).  The Major
usually has vents on the side near the top of the main casting a
little below the adjusting ring - the SJ doesn't.
Congrats on the last grinder you'll ever buy.
Mike (just plain)

3) From: Ron Feroni
I also just got my mazzer major.  I set it on a coarse grind and started it 
up just to make sure it worked.  Man is it quiet!.  When I first turn it on 
tho it makes an audible 'thump'(sounds like the motor engaging is all), then 
its just a nice quiet huuuuummmmm......  Is the audible 'thump' a normal 
thing for these machines?  I'm guessing it is as it does just sound like the 
motor starting up..

4) From: Randolph Wilson
I believe the thump is normal.  Mine has it, and it is very typical 
of motors that size and larger being powered up, especially when 
there is no ramp up.  Also, I believe there is a contactor pulling in 
at that time, adding to the "authoritative announcement" that your 
Mazzer is ready to destroy whatever you throw into its maw.  When not 
grinding coffee, I plan to use mine to grind clinker and gypsum to 
make my own portland cement.

5) From: Gerald and Beth Newsom
LOL  Make your own cement, eh?  I'll bet it could do it, too.  :-)
Randy, I looked at these machines yesterday and thought briefly about
getting one for myself.  They are being sold at such a reduced price that
they aren't that much more expensive than a Solis plus.  However, they look
like such monsters in the pictures!  Where does one put such a huge machine
in the kitchen?  I have the impression that it would look over-sized and out
of place in my kitchen.

6) From: Captain CowPie
I just got my used Mazzer Super Jolly via Fedex today. Mine says Mazzer Lui=
gi as the manufacturer, and Super Jolly Timer as the model #. It is a 5 amp=
 one also. Looking at my old one it says the same thing. So I would guess t=
hat you have a Super Jolly. They are great grinders.
Good Luck,

7) From: Randolph Wilson
Yeah, I agree, but the motor power doesn't match the Mazzer web site 
- doesn't matter that much to me, the bigger burr would have been 
nice, but when you're migrating from a $30 Salton, who cares.
At first I thought I wanted to ditch the doser, but I'm beginning to 
like it.  I guess I'll just have to drinkk more coffee to keep the 
doser contents fresh.  Maria put a refurbed Solis on the sale page, 
so I picked it up to do small batches with (for drip).  That will 
make a good backup, and let me take my time deciding on the doser to 
bagger conversion.
You don't have a line on getting a manual for these guys do you?  I 
called espresso parts, but got voice mail and couldn't hang around 
for a call back 8^(

8) From: Captain CowPie
I can't help on the manual as I never got one with my machines. I am going =
to be looking for one though, and if I find one I will get a copy to you.

9) From: Randolph Wilson
Likewise.  In fact, if I think I can get away with it, I may scan 
into a pdf and make it available on the web.

10) From: Les
I have owned both the Major and Super Jolly.  There isn't that much
difference.  However since bigger is better, I kept the Major!  The
best way to check is burr size.  A Major has 83mm burrs.  They are
such nice quiet machines.  It is nice to be able to grind a shot as
fast as they do.  Just to keep things in perspective, my wife's
kitchen-aid mixer is bigger than my grinder!  Should I insist that she
can only have a hand held mixer?  Or should she be able to insist that
you only have a small grinder?  It is a manner of perspective.
On 2/10/06, Randolph Wilson  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

11) From: Les
Oh I forgot.  If you think the Super Jolly and Major are big, just
threaten your wife with a Mazzar Zar!  This monster has 140mm (5.5
inch) titanium coated burrs and will grind 4.4 pounds a minute!  It
only weighs 119 pounds.
Zar dreaming!
On 2/10/06, Les  wrote:
scribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

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